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Written about Wednesday 2011-12-14
Written: (3097 days ago)

Selling my painting is harder then eating a cake lately...what the heck!

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Written about Wednesday 2011-05-04
Written: (3320 days ago)

It's been so long that I've been here. I have been busy with 2 jobs as a caregiver and baby sitter that I haven't been working on drawing or painting lately. Although there're art works that need to finish up. Well I got sometime today to get online and take a look around what's going on in the internet world,I guess there something I need to know that's why I'm here today,so when I check my page I saw that I got message that my art work was been select to be on main street not so long ago.  That's was great! Thank you to image bosses and to all who appreciated my art works...sorry I haven't been posting anymore,maybe in the future someday. Have a wonderful day.

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