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Written about Monday 2004-06-14
Written: (5896 days ago)

I am getting very punctual with this diary :))
I do believe that writing to myself is the hard-evidence equivalent of talking to myself, but because I do the one thing I really shouldn't mind doing this one either. I'm eating, drinking a self-made bloody marry (big deal, takes a minute heh) and am in a bad-a*s (hah, like you won't know what the missing letter is :)) attitude. Why?
Well, had a few more of 'em (drinks, not letters) with my bro before a few hours. He came to visit me! :D
Well, the few hours with him gathered more talking time than I had for the last 3 weeks. Someone should visit me!
It's a massive apartment :D And if you tell me in advance, I can dress up and be decent (or not ;))
Ok, staying alone here doesn't just bring in me the desire to "talk"
Ah, well, c'est la vie
'till later


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Written about Thursday 2004-06-10
Written: (5899 days ago)

Oh, that's right, a diary hehe. Forgot about this option. Seems at writing in my diary I am even worse than at responding to messages. My appologies for both :)
Well, what's new - third week totaly alone in a huge apartment in the middle of Oneonta, NY (I even have a sauna ;) soo..someone come and visit me!. All my roommates went back to India (Yes, you guessed right, they're Indian) annnddd my schedule is kindof gray, get up early for the heck of it, go to gym, come back, have breakfast, fall asleep in the middle of the day, get up, draw a little, do some work (I'm having a part-time job) anddd cook something good (did I brag? I am an exelent cook) light a candle (no, not cuz it's romantic - to save electricity) open a bottle of red wine (techinically I open it once and then I drink from it for the next few days hehe) andddd go to sleep.
I gather around 10 min of talking to other human beings(if you count me as one heh) per day (except friday, which is bar day(ok, night:P) andd if someone says hi to me, chances are that my voice will get stuck in my throat, I'll say some crap like "Mhmumm.." will get totaly embarased and will walk away. How do I know that? Happened like 3 times with the same girl here hahaha. So yeah, is that good enough for a diary entry? Yeah, well cya 'till I remember again ;)
p.s. yeah, who else if not Vlad :P

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Written about Monday 2003-01-27
Written: (6400 days ago)

Ah, after around 36 hours on the way (with a nice stay in a hotel in Prague, Czech republic 'till my next plane) I finally arived back to US. Paid a lot of money for train and taxi, but hey..here I am, smelling bad and writing these very words. I'll go and take a shower now, so later, my diary ;)

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