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Written about Thursday 2009-09-10
Written: (4033 days ago)

Ninety-three year old Mildred lived alone in the county. Out in the woods her old farm house set. The only life around for miles was her and Midnight. A pure black German Sheppard with just one white patch on her forehead in the shape of a diamond. No on knew why Mildred was alone, but they never dared ask. All they knew was to leave her and her dog alone.
As Mildred sat on her porch rocking back and forth thoughts of Hennery came rushing back. She remembered the night he left her behind looking handsome in his tan uniform. She remembered his letter and the sadness of being apart. Mildred will never forget the last letter she received, a black ribbon letter. With out even opening the envelope she knew what the letter held. A black ribbon only meant one thing, when a person in the army died they would send out a black ribbon letter to the brave soldiers friends and family.
Suddenly Midnight jumped to her feet and ran towards the woods, Mildred stood up screaming for her to come back. It was getting dark and there was still no sign of Midnight. Mildred was beginning to worry, so she grabbed her coat and lantern and headed into the woods. Mildred was getting frantic, Midnight was all she had sense hennery died, she was always there dog. Her breath got heavier and heavier, she ran faster and faster. Suddenly she was on the ground and flames surrounded her, terrified she screamed out for help.
She thought all hope was lost, she thought she would finally be reunited with her Hennery. The flames faded into the nigh, her body went numb, a figure was coming toward her, could it be, was it her Hennery. Before she had the chance to look up darkness came. Nothing to be seen, nothing to be heard. Several hours later she was laying in her bed, wait how did she get home, perhaps a dream or better yet a nightmare. Midnight laid at her feet as she always did.
A young man came walking into the room with a towel and a glass of water. He kneeled to her side and pressed the wet towel to her forehead. She gazed at the handsome young man curiously, it was almost as if Hennery was standing there. Then he looked at her kindly and she knew the young man was not her dear Hennery. He had he most passionate blue eye’s but the man next to her eye’s where green. She couldn’t’ wait anymore, It has been thirty years sense she seen his face an he wasn’t going to wait another minute. Hennery was all she had, the love of her life and with one dying breath she spoke the words “Dear Hennery”. 

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