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Written about Monday 2006-05-22
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Well i did it, i made it threw the long mounths of liveing with the "beast" he leaves at the end of the week, an not just for the weekend anymore, this time hes going back to permantly live at home, his school time is done, therefore his time liveing at my house has also come to end, while i should be rejoyceing of my survival, i find myself saddend by this, i do not know if it is because i have grown fond of it... or grown accustomed to its ways, an presence in my room...my room will now be empty again.... maybe ill get a fish... yes a fish will do nicely... i shall name this fish "Anthony" an put it's tank on the computer desk where the "beast" use to reside....

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Written about Monday 2006-05-15
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(well i keep clicking this page an seeing the poor book that says "The diary is sad and empty" so its possiable that i will regularly do a entry i suppose)

Dear Dia...Journal,

  The Hell i live in, is almost over. only a few more mounths, i understand you might not realize the seriousness of this. You havent been here threw it, i havent written about it, but none the less its painfull, i dont know how much longer i can keep my sanity, im so very close to loseing it....day in day out, "it" is there.... always there, watching me... Listening to what i say... what i type.. even now the beast is there.... i only hope i survive the night.... to make it one more day.... wish me luck.. i will write again soon

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