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Written about Wednesday 2004-12-08
Written: (6379 days ago)

I am bored out of my mind so I am writing in here. Today sucked so bad... my knee really hurts so I can barely walk without it hurting.... so yay! imma gimp! Geez... being bored really makes you think about things.... i wanna go to england... :( well i just found out i am normal... BMI that is... normal is something i never was and never will be... normal people are boring... gotta love doing random tests...

Dammit why isnt fazeel on msn!! gahh!! oh well... im gonna go to bed im tired........

I love [FiSHr.]....

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Written about Wednesday 2004-06-23
Written: (6546 days ago)

Yes.. I don't even know why I am writing in here, because I don't think anyone even reads these. But yes, I feel like writing... there's nothing really to do, bored out of my mind, no one really to talk about in this... don't really have anyone here in my life anyways...

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