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Written about Monday 2005-02-14
Written: (5589 days ago)

hellooooooooooooooooooo!!! its so nice to be back here, its strange ... i didnt really realise how much i missed this place until i came back. i do hope all my old friends are keeping well... please get in touch!

id love to fill u in on whats happened while i was away bt its irrelevant and will take too long.

luv u all

luv omi-chan

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Written about Wednesday 2004-05-26
Written: (5852 days ago)

wow! i completely forgot i had a diary O.o im gonna start writing in it hehe!

not done much today apart from work and ... er .... eat

*wonders if theres any point in her diary as she will only write that shes done nothing every chance she gets.*

SILLY OLD ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Written about Saturday 2003-07-05
Written: (6178 days ago)

 tra la la. i have updates in the pipes again. so yaaay! im obbsessed with elfwood lately, everyone is brilliant and nice.
 my cat is going insane at the moment and scaring me, she has about three scatty hours a day where shes just ... well ... mad really.
 I have a boring life but at least my animals make me laugh... god im such a loser. lol.

luv omi-chan

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