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Written about Tuesday 2007-09-25
Written: (4754 days ago)

i sit in my desolate cell, my life in boxes as my frindships slip away, my ties regressing to my family, those that i will not speak to again, those that i will speak to shortly, and those that i aim to be with again.

interesting then that i should offset depression with a resignation of the futility of struggle.

what i leave i shall miss with a life of growth, yet what i return to is missed for leaving in the first place.
and so i return to leave again to return to this. what a twisted cast of the dice i throw when i chose to play this game, and though hands have been poor, winings meagre and losses great, i have gained much away from the table.
to those here and else where that have aided my plight, my thanks is eternal, to those in life that have changed mine i thankyou both for doing so, and for proving me right.
(ask about my theory of interactional protagonist existance some time... when im drunk...and i might bore you for hours about it)

so....yeah...um...mMmm...so that was fun! and yeah...true story, apart from the lies.

*hangs his coat on the peg between here, then and tomorow*
i like it here.


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Written about Sunday 2007-09-16
Written: (4764 days ago)

there is so much a man can tell you, so much he can say.
BABAH! i compare you to a kiss from the rose on the grey!

seal? where ever you are, well done. *doffs my hat*

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Written about Friday 2007-09-07
Written: (4772 days ago)
Next in thread:

I writed a poem type thing!! yay!!! I are intelectualisty!!


"cards" by Meison

Upon the crooked winds of this,
a torn and bitter cast of flow.
A tarnished veiw of summers' kiss,
no right nor rhyme are we to know.

Yet it is there in others' eyes.
So sadness, shun! dispair, deny!
Play your hand, turn your card.
But not too high, nor fall too hard.

When all about you lose their heads,
keep well yours, as Kipling said.

And know...
While yours are strife, woe and pain.
"Keep on smiling!" is my refrain.

writen for those from whom I part, though they may never see it.
If read by them, they know I care.
if not, they lose nothing.

Matt, Russ and suzi.
Goodbye for now, my old friends.

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