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Written about Thursday 2008-03-27
Written: (5048 days ago)

i am Brittany's uterus neglected and solitary forced to listen to the ovaries fight every month for week long periods about losing yet another child. those fights eventually lead to a nuclear war where one ovary bombs the other using me as a battle feild.so who wouldn't blame me for throwing a little tantrum every now and then.and Brittany thinks the war in Iraq is bad.i get cussed out flushed out and drugged up.all this eventually leading to my most recent bipolar disorder,but can you blame me. i am the giver of all life and the funeral home for the unwanted. from one extreme to the other, and has anyone said thank you Evan once. no! all i want is a little stability. when I'm on my medication everything's a lot better the nuclear bombs are temporarily disabled and the blender in my atomic stops spinning. i might even begin to forget what week is until i hear vagina crying, and then i feel as if all the life is being drained out of my temporary stay in hell is almost up.and me and Mr.Lowerback got into a fight today. i asked him kindly to relieve me of some of my pain staking duties, and of course being the arrogant egotistical jerk we all know and he love so much . he took them all and now him and Brittany are spending the day in fetal position cursing the legs not to move. today's the last day as the nuclear weapons shrink back into harmless squabbling and vagina finally get things under control and dries her tears. I am left alone to rest and recollect all that was lost of my sanity so I can be fully prepared for next month.
sincerely Brittany's uterus

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Written about Wednesday 2006-08-09
Written: (5644 days ago)

 Well, rereading through all my old entries I realize how big of a DORK i was. So I deleted them all and I highly doubt that I will write much in here.

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Written about Wednesday 2005-04-20
Written: (6121 days ago)

Lied: yes  
Broken a bone: never
Been in a fist fight: yep
Dyed your hair:every 6 weeks
Gotten in a car accident: yep old people cant drive
Driven illegally: nope
Been suspended: nope
Been expelled: nope
Given the finger: yep 
Rebelled against authority: no
Been in jail:nope
Light or Dark: dark
Night or Day: of course night thats when the moons out
Sick minded: isn't everyone
Drugs:god no
Vacation Spots:ireland
Piercings: yep my ears 2 and the top of my ear and my nose
Favorite Flower:black rose\oleander
Sarcastic or serious: both
Sexiest person ever:can't decide
Favorite Number: 1787
Favorite Song:to many to pick from  
Favorite Sport: i dont do sports
Summer or Winter: summer
Fall or spring: spring
Most Romantic moment in your life: haven't had one the avarage male dosen't know a thing about being romantic
favorite Animal:ravens
Sun or moon: moon
Darkness, light, or other: Darkness
Split Personality?:sometimes :)
Best friends: kimykins\kim\kriscia
Alcohol or sex: i do neather
Religion: Christian
favorite saying:life sucks then you die
Weapons: knives
Favorite Book: the bell jar
favorite author:i can't choose
favorite type of weather: clear night sky
What do you fear most:being alone
favorite store: HOT TOPIC
Glasses: contacts
Serious/Funny?: ha ha i can be both
potty Mouth?depends
Smartest Person you know:kim
Ever been drunk: nope
Love or Hate: both you cant have one with out the outher
Ever loved:not truley
Want to have kids:when i get out of collage
Want to get married: i will never find any one
Ever loved a girl:no im not gay
Ever kissed a girl:hell no
Daydreamer: yea i have really weird thoughts
Movies: the crow,octane,nightmear befor chirtmas,pratical magick,queen of the damned,lord of the rings1,2,3 and more
Anime:it's ok
Favorite intruments: vocals/pianio

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Written about Thursday 2005-04-14
Written: (6127 days ago)

<img:http://elftown.lysator.liu.se/img/drawing/102271_1111109752.jpg> this is the orignal pic one days i will learn photography what one looks better the opne i have up or the one on my page

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