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Written about Friday 2007-08-31
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It's 12:42am I should be heading to bed so I can get up for college, but I wanted to post here first.

Today was my 8th day in college. I love it! My teachers are great and the students are nice.

I've made some new friends and got closer to others I already knew, like Neil Hulse and Katie Keller.

I love my history class, theres only a few of us that answer his questions, and I answer the most so now he just calls on me.

College Orientation is a fun class and they teacher is funny. We talked about left and right brain people today. I'm middle brained because I like to study and like Drama and Music. When he found that out he told me to try out for the play, tryouts are next week. His wife runs the try outs.

My Psychology teacher is crazy, he use to be a hippie. He makes us write a lot of notes, but its fun.

My lit teacher is even crazier. It's a fun class, he talks a lot and gets off of subject easily though.

My math class is ok, the teacher is nice and helpful.

Today I had to do math work and a History essay.
I wrote a 430 word essay in 20 min. It was such a great topic, I want to know more about it. To bad the essay wasn't longer.

We have to read stories and type up summary's for lit, then we have to compare them to something in our life.

Alright well I have to go to sleep, I'm tired. I have history again tomorrow! =)

Byes - Kara =)

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