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Written about Sunday 2005-06-26
Written: (5967 days ago)

well what do I have to say. Nothing I can say on here. But the guilt is high. And I wanna do it again. To feel love and love returned is wonderfull, but to love someone with all ur heart and know they care for you but posibaly not love, well it bites balls. It's heart wrenching, really it is. I never thought when people would say it felt like there heart fell into there stomach and was cruched could be true, but no i know it is. And it hurts, a lot. I hope none of you have to feel the great joy followed by the worst feeling of hurt...like I did.

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Written about Saturday 2005-05-21
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Inconsiderate, selfish, thats the way I used to see you. Rude, yet stylish, thats the way they all see you to. Just because your popular and it was automatic pure hatrid. You were eather one of us, or one of them. If you were one of us you hated them. And if you were one of them you hated us. This is the circle of life. But in this case the circle of High School. It has been like this way before my era, but as my parents say "It wasn't like that when I was in school" So I'll assume it was between when the parental unit graduated and when my generation was born. I used to be one of 'them', or at least I wanted to be. But after Jr. High I knew I wasn't going to be, so I moved on to my naxt faze wicth was the 'us' crowd. And our quote was..."you fucking posers I should damn oyu all to hell. You find a new style every few weeks, and think it's so cool when you used to pick on me for it. In a few weeks yuo'll go back to the way things used to be, and I'll once again be the center of your ridiculing." I know depressing hu? But a good friend of mine brought it to my atention that we're all people are people,wether popular, goth, punk, neerds, even the drugies and whores, we're all people strotyping people, and mainly because how they dress, their beliefes, or the ever more popular on, because they hang out with the people we've already sterotyped, and learned by that particular name. Don't you think it's a little silly to give people a horid name. That one name that will follow them for the rest of there years in schol? I do.

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Written about Friday 2005-04-01
Written: (6053 days ago)

hello....life is a bitch..I'd have you all visit my web site..but somebody....M.E.....would give me shit times 10 for it...so he ruined it for you all. Have a good day.

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