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Written about Saturday 2010-05-29
Written: (4257 days ago)

and four years later I write something again...

so...I guess I have been slightly more frequent here during the last four years than the first three. adding a picture sure spawned a lot of messages. I've even found friends here that I still chat with, which it's impressive considering it's me we are talking about and I suck at keeping in touch. The IRC reallt gave me alot. Oh god, how does that sound? I sounds as if I have no life what so ever. Thruth is, when I started elftown I didn't really have one. I do now though..I have 218 something friends on facebook...har har har...yes, I know, that sounded pathetic too. Honestly, I enjoy some of the internet communities, but I must say, there are better things in life than this.

Why am I writing this? Cause some ppl takes the communities way too serious. First of, you are not friends with someone just because you said hi to the person, or maybe were at the same party. Secondly, I do not believe in having a serious relationship with someone you've never met in real life. (I know, some of you will now hate me very much, but hey, this is just my opinion, if you don't like it, well, then don't)

Oh well, enough of my ranting now. I'll write something here again in a couple of years....

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Written about Monday 2006-03-06
Written: (5802 days ago)
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jeez..I´m starting to remeber why I forgot my username to this site. I took one peek got scared by all the things that I quite don´t understand how they work, and ran away. That´s a problem with me, a bit afraid to explore things when I don´t fully understand them.

Anyways...I can se that I´ve had visitors, no messages though. Guess that´s allright since I haven´t been in here for almost three years.

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