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Written about Thursday 2007-10-18
Written: (4604 days ago)
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its hard too see the person that u want to b with when ur half a world away......i do miss her......plz i hope she does relize that i want to be with her......but its jsut hard to keep it....i hope she can at least trust me even when i get to iraq......

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Written about Monday 2005-10-31
Written: (5321 days ago)
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i hate fucking everything!
things r too much to handle!
nothing is making since right now!
i jsut wnat to fucking....yup!
im really breaking down i just cant not stop givign in! its jsut to fucking hard! its like i was put on this fucking orb of assholes and buttfucking bitches to kiss everyones ass!
damn i feel fucked!

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