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Written about Wednesday 2005-08-17
Written: (5407 days ago)

what ghost is this
in the hall down the
dining room,
a shadow on the wall.

I do not see the light
Yet I know you have
four(buttons)fingers on
the heartpulse of my
breath. (Against your ear)
I am screaming laughter
Wildly waving razor paper.

Hungry, your eyes(down)cast
from mine.

what ghost is this
which haunts me
and paints me mocking in
invisible ink

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Written about Sunday 2004-02-08
Written: (5963 days ago)
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Four rings
in the snow
Six songs
to the wind
My feet to
the road
and my heart
was pinned
On an irish
An Irish

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Written about Friday 2004-02-06
Written: (5964 days ago)

And I caught myself thinking today
as it rained

How much I love
the fact
no one can tell
if you are crying
when you hide

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Written about Monday 2004-02-02
Written: (5968 days ago)

Steady rain, early morning.
I am grey and the clouds
are flesh colored.

Mocking me, they dance
beyond fingertips seeking.
I touch
droplets of my dreams
and watch them
soaked in by the grass.

Laughing, Silver
birch sway
to a rhythm my hips
ache to feel again.

It is a sad story, I put down
my pen and paper
take off my shoes
and dance alone
in tear soaked grass.

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