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Written about Monday 2006-11-20
Written: (4942 days ago)

stolen from [dayah]'s diary

A) 4 Names people call you:
1. z
2. chibou
3. whore (looks at kaz)
4. bubby

B) 4 places you have lived:
1. brisbane
2. bowral
3. moss vale
4. under a rock

C) 4 jobs you have had in your life:
1. maccas
2. baby sitting
3. bunnings
4. thats all

D) 4 movies you could watch over and over:
1. howls moving castle
2. spiruted away
3. battle royale
4. ...

E) 4 TV shows you love to watch:
1. sukisyo
2. papa to kiss in the dark
3. ncis
4. samurai x

F) 4 Places you have been on vacation:
1. under a rock
2. new zealand
3. qld
4. under water

G) 4 websites you visit daily (or semi-weekly):
1. www.elftown.com
2. www.myspace.com
3. www.youtube.com
4. www.google.com

H) 4 of your favourite foods:
1. Ramen noodles
2. rice balls
3. Sushi
4. chicken

I) 4 things you are allergic to:

J) 4 of your siblings names (if you have any):
1. kerry (mommy)
2. natasha (sister)
3. laura (sister)
4. tamara (cat)

K) 4 places you would love to travel to:
1. japan
2. japan
3. japan
4. and japan

L) 4 of your pets:
1. tamara (cat)
2. yoru (cat still got to pick him up)

M) 4 things you want for Christmas this year:
1. laptop
2. bass guiter
3. money!!! (for ebay)
4. clothes

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Written about Wednesday 2006-06-14
Written: (5101 days ago)


Dying a Child

Kiss me deadly
Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me
Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me

Hurry & May

Child Prey

The reasons why one can't laugh from the heart
It's a simple reason
That's life

Kiss me deadly
Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me
Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me
Child is Burning
Kiss me deadly

Kiss me deadly
Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me
Kiss Me Kill Me Love Me

the blonde one is my husband


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Written about Monday 2006-05-22
Written: (5124 days ago)
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Jibun Kakumei (Self Resoloution)


Season's grettings AMIIGO anmaki bannatteba, raku ni iko~ze.
"Re-la-pa-pa-re-lax lady"

-Sami~ n'darou? furuete n'darou?-

Kagami yo kagami, kotaete okure -What's a matter?-
watashi ga watashi de nakunaru ni wa dousureba ii? -It's so easy-

How's it going aibou MUZUKAYUI kaoshite "tai" ni doku daze.
"Re-la-pa-la-re-lax REIDEE"

-Kurushii n'darou? mogaite n'darou?-

Kagami yo kagami, oshiete okure -What's matter?-
watashi ga watashi de aru tameni wa dousureba ii?-It's so easy-

"I envy dream..."x2

-HAHAAN, koe n'darou? BIBItte n'darou?
nara kuchi nigoshitenai de, hakkiri ittara doudai?

"I want to be to me free to me"

"Yoso wa yoso, uchi wa uchi." kore MAMA no kotoba.
tonari no shibamu mo yoku miryashobai.

Kagami yo kagami, mou kiete okure -What's a matter?-
watashi wa watashi, anata wa anata, desu-desho? -It's so easy-

if you want translation of this Miyavi song just tell me and i will send it to you before you can say "pop is dead"

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Written about Saturday 2006-05-20
Written: (5126 days ago)

this is like the worst thing that could hapen Kyo fainted during a show my poor Kyo i love you so much. He is now deaf in 1 eari think i still need to get details my poor Kyo


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Written about Thursday 2006-05-18
Written: (5128 days ago)
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okay this was way to kool not to put on here

me and kaz [pin cushion queen] were having an argument over the loves of our lives including the ever so pretty Kyo who i am married to and her husband wjich is pretty to Miyavi, anywho we were having an argument who they belonged to and such but then kaz decided that she would make a picture after i said to her that i made love with Kyo and Miyavi one night and the picture was from one of her fun nights


how good id this i laughed my ass off it was brilliant huzzah yay kaz you are special

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