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Written about Thursday 2004-04-29
Written: (5340 days ago)

ok maybe I should enter something.... just to keep my diary from dying entirely...... Im at [panther_shadow]s houlse.....AGAIN.... just updated my elfwood gallery and am planning a semi productive night, drawing a few pics and then going to another friends house.... Then Im gonna watch: Galixy Angel vol 1, Angelic layer vol 1&2, The Twelve Kingdoms vol 4, Louie the Rune Soldier vol 1, Day of love interactive anime dvd, and a whole boad load of other stuff. O_o when I marathon, I REALLY marathon. And If your reading this right now, I would like to know if youve seen any of the above.

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Written about Friday 2003-08-29
Written: (5583 days ago)

O_o whoa......... no entries in a long time ^^

hehe. Im at [panther_shadow]s house again. ^^ go figure.

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA ^___________________^ *jumps up and down* 

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Written about Saturday 2003-06-07
Written: (5666 days ago)

uhhh....... Im CHAOS!!!!!! Sorcerer Of Light!!! JK (im not a sorcerer)....

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Written about Thursday 2003-06-05
Written: (5668 days ago)

hmmmm think. well. ok ive got nothin. ill write a lyric.

in this white wave
i am sinking
in this silence
you are breathing
in this world where i am free.

-sarah mcglauchlan feat. delerium "Silence"

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Written about Monday 2003-06-02
Written: (5671 days ago)

its that time again. diary time. *sigh* well lets see. im in an upcoming art show for school, and ooh ooh I recieved an art scholarship for 100$ (woo) AND a memorial fund worth *gasp* 500$. wow. the money isnt what made me happy it was the fact that I got the only art awards. nobody else. :D  HAPPY

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Written about Sunday 2003-06-01
Written: (5673 days ago)

the excitement is over. now im bored. but GLAD to be out of that dress. :>
i need more people to message me. only 6 people message me. im sad :(

Send Me Message :) ....... please.......

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Written about Saturday 2003-05-31
Written: (5674 days ago)

Ok here we go....
today i went to a banquet. and then a dance. and then a friends house(or now a friends house, seeing as how im there right now.).this is the canadian version of the prom ^_^.maybe ill put my pic up :).....or not.... My friend is trying to pull my curls off. maybe i should hit her. what do your think? OOH. NEW POLL, NEW POLL.

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Written about Thursday 2003-05-29
Written: (5675 days ago)

so my graduation is today. woo. ugh. I HATE wearing dresses. *sigh* oh well. the stupid thing is that is still have a month of school left. I havent even taken my diploma tests yet. yeah. retarded.........

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Written about Tuesday 2003-05-27
Written: (5677 days ago)

Hehe. How do you like my poll. yea I know its stupid. SO! I was bored and at a friends house. panther_shadow's to be exact. it seemed funny at the time. Yeah....so.... more akward silence. ................
............     ..................

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Written about Monday 2003-05-26
Written: (5678 days ago)

AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! my birthday is in less than a month. On June 18 I will be 18. Yay. I can get my tatoo and go to clubs. WHOOOO. ............so.........really nothing new. sitting in class (work experience in the library. whoo.) being bored.......................out of my mind............

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Written about Saturday 2003-05-24
Written: (5680 days ago)

so I take it people like my picture(top one). CCCCOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!.
took me forever to draw it.
so...... I still have nothing to write. oh well.

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Written about Friday 2003-05-23
Written: (5681 days ago)

OK so it been a couple days since iv registered. iv been busy. anyway, yeah, first diary entry. Yaaaaaaayyyyyyy.
um.......so... I have really nothing to say. My diary is sad and empty.Please sign my guets book. well, i suppose... um... I LIKE PIE!!!!!

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