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Written about Wednesday 2005-03-23
Written: (5489 days ago)

john casablancas is gettin on mai nerve. i mean i have to take the b/w make up class when we were suppose to do hair. now wut r we gonna do bout de photo shoot. i mean itz like we mite have to take dat class again n i h8t make up classes cuz it hurt mai eye but yeah. nani ish like so pissed dat dai n i accendently mark her white pants wit a black eyeliner. let me just sai saturday was not a good day.ima like totally behide on mai work. n mai head was bout to explode dat day to. thnx goodnee legally blond was on dat day. n anna just to make matter worse brought up de fact dat jayson implide dat vi is a dog. dat made me even pisser if dat is even a word.

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