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Written about Sunday 2006-07-16
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My first daiary entry! Hmmm...what to put? I'll just type whatever comes to mind.
   Well, first off the drama between me and one of my
"ex-friends," if you will, is finally over and IT"S ABOUT TIME!!! I refuse to name names because that would be wrong. My girlfriend [TwilightAngel] and I are getting along famously (if I'm wrong hun, pleases let me know!) and my crush....is going okay I suppose. I am currently being stalked by my ex (Really, he's sitting right here), but it's cool (I guess >.<). He's Alright I suppose. Love you Joshy!
   Okay, someone kill me. I *chokes* broke down and got a Myspace! I always refused to get sucha' thing, but a few people *grrrr!* forced me into it. I am also writing a yaoi story, and chapter one is almos' done! YAY!! Ooh wait......that rhymed! AWESOME! Oh, and I am most proud of my first photoshopped pic, which I am assuming you have already seen as you stumbled across my profile! If (for some odd reason) you didn't, GO BACK AND LOOK!! It's radical! Okay, I'm ramblin' on again, so I'll stop 'ifore* get carried away. Laterz


*If this word makes no sense to you, sound it out. If it still doesn't, you shouldn't be around me. Thank you ^.^

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