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Written about Thursday 2006-12-07
Written: (5044 days ago)

It's been too long. I'm in one of those annoying 'nobody cares' moods so I'm letting off steam here.

Ok, quick update first:
Danny and I are no more, he ended things one week before the ten month mark. It sorta sucked but wierdly enough it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. My first broken heart and I'm already over it. Meh.

Sixth form is now unbelieveably rabbish. Too much work...too little time.

Sometimes it's hard being a genius. You dissappoint everyone when you're a genius. Mr Boardman thinks I need councelling. Sod that.

My best friend Kelsey has started going out with a boy she's been obsessing over the past few weeks. I'd like to think i helped things along. I'm a nosey git like that XD. It's nice she has someone to be with. Even if he does smell like a dead horse. Ah well, beggars can't be choosers. And nutters (aka Kelsey) can't have a sense of smell it seems.

Perhaps I'm just bitter as my love life is so unbelieveably crap at the minute. I don't want a boyfriend. I don't want to fancy anyone, i just want to be me. However though, my heart is stronger than my mind and I've found myself yet again falling for the same someone I've already spent too much time obsessing over. Plus about 4 other guiys. Bad Sam *smacks hand*

Ah well. So I'm doomed to spend the rest of my life moutrning a love I'll never have. There are worse things. I could be killed by a poisonous Kidney Bean. Or I could be going out with someone who smells like dead horse.

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Written about Monday 2006-10-02
Written: (5110 days ago)

Gosh, it's been a while...OMG...I just used the word 'gosh'..*sighs* I've been spending too much time with the new American kid in our year >.<

A lot's happened since I last wrote. David is no longer my boyfriend. I realised I was in love with my best friend of many years Danny (totally crap and over done I know but hey, I can't help what I feel). I dumped David because it wasn't fair on him that I was in love with someone else and was happy to just admire Danny in secret. That sort of changed when he said he liked me too.

Isn't life special like that ^_^

It's been almost 8 months now <3

I passed that exam (it was a mock) and went on to do rather fantastically in my GCSEs. I got 4 As and Bs in everything else. I was two marks off an A* in maths!!! I think they got my results mixed up lol.

I'm now in sixth form which is cool because you don't have to wear uniform and you get to push in the dinner queue >:D Heee...

I am feeling sort of tired though recently. As well as being given loads of homeowrk (I'm doing half the number of leesons but am given twice the amout of homework than last year-my teachers are student hating sadists it seems), I've also been elected on to the Executive board of Leeds Youth Council because I'm now chair of the STAY SAFE working group. It's cool and the people there are so cool ( Ash and Tom you rock my socks)

Well thats all I can be bothered writing for now. WHo knows when I'll write next, I'l try not to make it too long. But then again no promises...heck, it's not as if anyone reads this XD

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Written about Tuesday 2005-11-22
Written: (5424 days ago)

hmmmm... stuck to that resolution well, it's been, what? About a month since my last entry, bad girl V.V
Anyway, I think i have finally gotten over this illness I've had for the past four days and hope I will be going back to school tomorrow...just in time for my maths exam...yaye...><

It's hard to revise when you're trying not to throw up :(

Ah well, I do ok in maths, I got the lowest mark in the class last year (I am in the top class btw) and still scraped a B which was my target grade so I'll just hope for the best tomorrow :)

Even though I have been ill for the last few days I have never stopped smiling. That's because of my wonderful boyfrind David who always makes me smile :) <3

Well Doctor says I need my rest (Just a regular doctor, not the wonderfully magic Doctor who-that would have been much cooler:p) so I'll leave now.

Wish me luck for the next two weeks :)

Toodle Pip xxx <3

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Written about Saturday 2005-10-29
Written: (5449 days ago)

i know it's been over a week since I wrote in here but i have been in wales camping so no computer, i did keep a written diary though so i am still sticking to my target^^

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Written about Thursday 2005-10-20
Written: (5457 days ago)

I almost cried today.
At our school we have a thing called speech night, it has nothing to do with speches but giving out awards to good students.
I thought I was going to get an award for graphics because I gothet highest mark in the whole year but apparently that isn't good enough and I just feel so disappointed because this is the first year I haven't gotten an award :(

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Written about Wednesday 2005-10-19
Written: (5458 days ago)

Here I am again as promised.
Day 5 of relationship with david and people have started to coton on, as if holding onto him wasn't a big enough sign lol.
Homework is very much getting to a diabolical state, oh, art, why do you hate me when I love you so? *sighs*
That's all to report I guess. see you tomorrow
Peace out xxx

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Written about Tuesday 2005-10-18
Written: (5460 days ago)

I have not written in her in ages I know but I set myself a challenge to write in a diary everyday for a month so here it is lol,of course I'm keeping a private one too but you can't read that one :p
I have been going out with David now for 4 days and it is really nice. :)
4 days until we set off for Wales on holiday, i'm glad my tendon healed in time because it's an adventure holiday and I'd be pretty bored on crutches lol.
On a less positive note my friends are at war and it is really upsetting. They are not on this site but for courtasy's sake they shall be called friend 1 and friend 2.
Friend 1 was going out with a boy and she loved him a lot. The boy did not feel the same way and broke up with her, two days later he was going out with friend 2 and now he and friend 2 are angaged. Even though friend 2 started going out with the boy after he broke up with friend 1, friend 1 is still pretty mad because she still loves him so whenever we go out as a group friend 2 always makes sure friend 1 knows she is with him now if you know what I mean.

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Written about Thursday 2005-06-02
Written: (5597 days ago)

Work experience looms ever closer and still I have not visited it v.v
Maths/statistics coursework still not done *sighs*
Tom still the best person in the world ^.^
Relationshio with ashley still rollercoasterish
Life still chaotic
Prozac still digesting...

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Written about Tuesday 2005-05-03
Written: (5627 days ago)

Arty exam tomorrw Very bad news, Very nervous, Very homicidal :D

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Written about Monday 2005-05-02
Written: (5629 days ago)

Art exam coming up v soon. V bad, contemplating killing everyone in the class better than me.
Bank holiday= daytime telivision= v grumpy sam, contemplating killing myself, or at least trisha goddard.

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Written about Monday 2005-05-02
Written: (5629 days ago)

Art exam coming up v soon. V bad, contemplating killing everyone in the class better than me.
Bank holiday= daytime telivision= v grumpy sam, contemplating killing myself, or at least trisha goddard.

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Written about Wednesday 2005-04-27
Written: (5634 days ago)

Daytime television sucks. So does being ill, staying him enad having to watch daytime television. It makes the pain worse. v.v
But I have to go now, the leprechauns are coming to take me away and dad is giving me v. powerful painkillers given to me by the nice man withthe magical hearing necklace and white coat ^_^

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Written about Monday 2005-04-25
Written: (5636 days ago)

The sun is shining and everthing is happy in happy land ^_^
I hads the wierdest dream the other day, Tom alx and me were walking about school only dressed up as clavats and lilties and stuff from chrystal chronical when suddenly the roofs were filled with snipers and they all looked like alex! But then the head and our statistics teacher all came out and started eating all teh clones and miss jackson unzipped her head dr. who style and arnold schwarzaniggewr jumped out!
It was wierd

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Written about Tuesday 2005-04-19
Written: (5641 days ago)

Yesterday tom told me he is suicidal. I love him so much and it kills me that he is hurting like this but I know there is nothing i could do to help and I havernt really talked to him and he must hate me today but whenever I look at him I just want to cry.

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Written about Tuesday 2005-04-12
Written: (5648 days ago)

I am doing art coursework and i LOVE it ^_^ Just another three weeks to go ... *grumbles*

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Written about Monday 2005-04-11
Written: (5649 days ago)

Life is fab! Do you knw why? I will tell you...



Don't you just love what sugar does to you? mehehehe

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Written about Friday 2005-04-08
Written: (5652 days ago)

One week of school and I am already wishing it was summer lol

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Written about Tuesday 2005-04-05
Written: (5656 days ago)

School again and I am already piled under with homework v.v But I WILL DO IT ALL!!!!! *dramatic music and lightning bolt in background*

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Written about Sunday 2005-04-03
Written: (5657 days ago)

School tomorrow ^_^ i know, I hear you say, oh, shool, yuck! But School is fun fun fun fun fun ^_^
And in a brak with all tradition I have done ALL my homework, I SWEAR!!! Well, maybe all of it ...lol
hasv eto pick up my art paper tomorrow, i am so dreading the exam but at least I will have four weeks to prepare, who am i kidding? it will be hell!!!!!

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Written about Friday 2005-03-25
Written: (5666 days ago)

Tom came over today. Dad was not best pleased, He asked me before hand what we would be doing, it took me all my self restraint not to yell ' having wild sex on the bathroom floor!' Though that is probably what he expected to hear.
I realised I only have one of each pair of socks I ever had which is upsetting because I only have one royal blue one with red, yellow, green and orange spots on it which kate'dont tell anyone but I THINK I'M PREGNANT' Boardman gave me for christmas v.v
On a lighter note I finally found what happened to my best friends 11th birthday present, and it still hasnt passed it expirey date ^_^

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Written about Friday 2005-03-25
Written: (5666 days ago)

All homework is done, all targets met, all pigs fed and ready to fly ^_^
Wohoo! Easter soon ^_^ That means 2 weeks free of school ^_^ Whee^_^
Daddy keeps on looking at me funny, it is not may fault that yorkshire has the highest underage sex rate in the uk! And just because I have aboyfriend does not mean I am part of that statistic!
Grandma is being wierd, I guess growing up in nazi germany has finally gotten the better of her.*sighs*
Mum is startingto scare me, she has 4 boyfriends and was talking to them all on msn at the same time. I think we need to talk.

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