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Written about Wednesday 2006-01-11
Written: (5376 days ago)

[I FOUND a boy who does this]

[ 1.]
While I hold your hand, I'll play with your fingers.

[ 2.]
Tickle you & make you laugh.

[ 3.]
Kiss you.

[ 4.]
And not only kiss you on the lips, but kiss you on the cheek and forehead too.

[ 5.]
Hold you by the waist.

[ 6.]
Hug you while I'm behind you and rest my head on your shoulder.

[ 7.]
Whisper I love you in your ear.

[ 8.]
Tell you you're beautiful.

[ 9.]
Look you in the eyes and smile when I'm thinking.

[ 10.]
Tell you I never want to let you go.

Guys if you have the balls to do this....

..... then repost saying (heck I'd do this)

If you are a girl and love this.....

...... repost it saying [I want a boy who does this]

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Written about Wednesday 2005-03-02
Written: (5691 days ago)

I'm having a bad day. :(

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Written about Sunday 2005-02-20
Written: (5701 days ago)

Yeah... So Victer is practically BEGGING me to be on drill team :-) for ROTC.. ROTC is like a Military class- i be an Air Force Chica  EEEEEEERMMM drill is like all that Eft Face, Ight Face, Arade Hest, Attent HUT, about HACE, yeah...::shuts up:: It's pretty much movements... I think there's an alterior motive behind this... hehe. Poor guy... Errrrrrrm.... Yeah.... I'll upload a picture of Victer into the first spot <33 Yeaas um. I watched the grand ole opry live last night <3 that was good...

I added a poem on my front page under description i believe.... If my scanner worked, i'd scan my bad drawing in, but POOF, it doesn't :(

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Written about Saturday 2005-02-19
Written: (5702 days ago)

MORE! Whoot!


Errrm I'm sick! yay! 102.1 fever... all that jazz...


Annnnyway... So i've got a girl cookin in here... Any name suggestions?

Hugs got into something.. so dad and Jeanette had to take her to the vet... That poor child has already had 2 dogs die on her in the past few years.... Not another PLEASE. Aye...

Kathryn woke up from her nap and smeared poo everywhere...

::rubs nose...:: I hate the *FLU*

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Written about Saturday 2005-02-19
Written: (5702 days ago)

Hey! Today has been actually pretty good...

I woke up around 11:30, because I was up late last night ::cough:: Errrm...

Mom and jeanette went shopping so here i am.. at home... all alone :( with just a supidass father and my lovely lovely sister kathryn :-)

i went to see Hitch yesterday :-) that was SO much fun... Went with Brittany. <333 Yurrrp. GOOD movie... I'd recomend it to any desperate guy... GO SEE IT. lol GOOD GOOD MOVIE.

Uerrrm. I've got a boyfriend! Whoop! yeah... I <3 You!

Herrrrrrrrrm... ::cough:; Yeah.. so i'm not too good at diary entries... poo!

With mucho lurrrrrrv!


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