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Written about Tuesday 2007-03-20
Written: (5146 days ago)

leaving soon in 7 more hours, and will be gone from two weeks. I am soooo excited, the wayward artist finally gets to wander outside hys own backyard. I hope I have fun, I hope its wonderful but you know, even if it isnt, it will be something, if i bring home nothing but misery and experience, then it will make good art. right?

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Written about Sunday 2007-03-18
Written: (5148 days ago)

I've wandered myself into Elftown and been here a few short days. As a town it appears bustling and thriving though some of the residents appear battle weary from the troll wars. I myself have spotted a troll or two though I have not been attacked or harrassed as yet for which I am grateful. Indeed the gaurds appear to be efficent and competant in keeping them at bay beyond the walls of the town. I have nailed a post to the forum wall looking for work, though I have not ventured into the inn to socialize as yet. I see the eyes of a few guards and officials on me occassionaly, perhaps sizing me up or wondering if I am a scoundrel though they have said not a word. I have read the postings, the rules of conduct and whats expected and of how they disdain answering questions of the illiterate vagabonds who roam their alleys to lazy to read the FAQs. For now I will observe and learn what I can, perhaps I will stumble across a friend in this place.

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