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Written about Wednesday 2007-04-18
Written: (4176 days ago)

Stephen Stewart
252 North 900 East
Payson Utah 94651

Objective: Looking for full time permanent job where I can learn use my job experiences.

Job History: Total Body Work.                            4/3/06 to currently there.
I put all the equipment together, I set up equipment, and I pick up and deliver all the equipment and documentations for work. I mix up all of the permanent cosmetic inks, and sterilize all of the equipment. I answer all the phone calls and set up all the appointments and answer any questions any clients may have. I file away all important forms into the client’s folders. Everything is extremely confidential so that the clients information is protected. I also set up all the sterilized needles, gloves, needle caps, needle sleeves, and the ink, it is very important that non of this gets contaminated for clients safety.

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