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Written about Wednesday 2010-06-16
Written: (3679 days ago)

I lost my uncle and a friend back to back with in two days.... RIP Uncle Chrissy and RIP Stone.

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Written about Thursday 2009-09-17
Written: (3952 days ago)

Something about you that makes me feel bad
I wasn’t there when a thin line destroyed your soul
I search every corner
There’s nowhere to hide
How I feel ignorance
Sacrifice some days it’s harder
Let’s face it, it’s all about me
Deeply into your own

Deep within me
Life’s crawling and wasting my days
Another night gone and I know there will be another way
I’m leading myself to be free
In this eternal goodbye

Something about you will make me stronger
Now I’m aware when a man falls rebound, my fault
I search every corner
Just nowhere to hide
How I feel ignorance
Sacrifice some days it’s harder
Let’s face it, it’s all about me
Deeply into your own

Deep within me
Life’s crawling and wasting my days
Another night gone and I know there will be another way
I’m leading myself to be free
In this eternal goodbye

Here I wanna be
No more lies!

Deep within me
Life’s crawling and wasting my days
Another night gone and I know there will be another way
I’m leading myself to be free
In this eternal goodbye..

Lacuna coil- within me

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Written about Friday 2009-04-24
Written: (4097 days ago)
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I'm back people! so very sorry i know its been really really long time... But being a mommy takes up most of my time. but i am back!

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Written about Sunday 2008-09-28
Written: (4305 days ago)

Yea!!! my boyfriend is on elftown now!!!!!

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Written about Friday 2008-08-08
Written: (4357 days ago)

So if we all listened to god, what would the world be like? Would we be happy? Would it be a perfect Utopia?

That happens to be what most people dont ask, the christian religion has often advocated that God represents a perfect society. Thus he has laid down a set of absurd, and quite inexecutable rules and lifestyles. The narrow dogma known as any religion that follows the laws of God, Jehova, Allah etc love to use the quite hypocrisy to deny people their natural, and even carnal instincts and desires. They never provide an answer to any of this, they adopt and opine on the fact that the only answer they need is because God says so and God is just.
Well I dont think we should stand for it, why listen to God? So we can go to heaven? Is heaven even real, why rely so closly on a Spiritual pipe dream to become nothing by a hypocritical martyr serving something that claims to have created you, and says that they are right.

What is God?

No matter how you look at it, God is a fairy Tale. Much like children believe in Santa, because it makes them happy to know there is someone out there who cares about them enough to bring them presents. If you think about it then god becomes the imaginary friend for grown ups, a person to converse with, who actually cares. The image and statue that can make everything better.
Many adults say that you have to try to make everything better, when so many of them think that whispering in the night to a "T" with a man on it (i.e a crucifix) because he will make everything better, just cause you asked. God as an apparition was thought up by man, a clearly depressed man, (or groups of them) who were fed up with believing in Odin, or Anubis, or Buddah, because these beliefs did not satisfy them.
Continuing our story, these people began to fool themselves that if they lived to the moral standards of what They Believed were "right" then they would become worthy in the eyes of a being that they had relinquished their power to, to make a deity that controlled their actions. It seems so much more believable when a God is omnipotent and omnipresent.
As Anton LaVey said," Man is the only creature who can fool himself," so if you believe in something long enough it comes true, in a sense. These people began to think, began to grow. This figure of "God" now had all lifes answers, he had a place to go when you died, a place of happiness. People began to think," Hmm this guy god says if I do this then i get to go to paradise. Sounds reasonable."
Upon having many stories to tell, this god was now the factor in which people placed all their energy in, they gave him a form, a name and story because by surrendering their "godly" powers they had given them a form that gave them a purpose they were to stupid to find on their own.
God is Love, its so easy to find away out of the world that seems so cold and unhappy by devoting your life to a higher cause that you think is more powerful than you.
Summerizing all my typing," God is a imaginary friend who has the best promise for an afterlife." Honestly, if you start thinking there is a factor that controls you, and your future happiness then why wont you want to appease it?

What God Says

The "faith" word is strongly advocated here, he provides you with no proof of his existance. He simply expects that belief in him grows until you are spending all your time in church just to go to Heaven. People never pray to god in hopes on anyone else, they will only ever have themselves in mind. That is the main hypocrisy of God, one of the great struggles one faces when taking the right hand path, is the great idea of being selfless, when in taking the path they only have themselves in mind, not the salvation of others. When they try to convert, when they pray for world peace or any other shit they try to get themselves into heaven, even on an unconscious level they really only care about their entry to the "pearly gates" no matter how much they deny it.
One of many contradictions that ensue in their religion. If you want to read up more im sure there are several wikis dedicated to all the hypocrisy.
The Main thing that happens here is because God simply doesnt give us enough. If a group of people many many years ago founded a religion just to make themselves happy because they lacked the ability to do so, Why does it have so much influence now? 23.5 % of the world today is some mix of Christian, More than 18% is Islamic, and 2.5% is Jewish. (all according to the Encyclopedia Brittania of 2000 so these numbers have possibly gone up) thus a grand total of 44% of the world follow the same God these people made up many years ago. (even though Judaism was founded much sooner than them, but they follow the same god if you think about it so they go on that list, as does Islam, founded later than the rest but they follow the same God so it all works.). SO why all the influence? because people have a good imagination, fantasy is needed for a fun life, it makes people feel better to believe in God, but why? Because they have Faith. Because they dont care if god never comes down and actually proves he is real, If god came down from heaven, and gave me proof of his existance i would then be motivated to follow him. But instead the image of God says," Believe me im just." (of course thats me summing it up) but since people made up god and spread his word, its the same as a person walking up to you on the street and saying," I am god, I am the truth, Worship me because i created you. I have no proof, but you have faith so you will now believe in me." I mean any christian today will deny that and use symbollic coincidences to try and prove god exists, but when if they really thought about it then it would make my "ridiculous" satement the truth. So basically if they so believe in God, then if i walked up to them and said "I am god" then they would have to believe me right? I can argue this for hours...
Even funnier is when you beat a christian in a religious arguement then all they will say is "i will pray for you" HAHHAHAhAHHA XD why pray for me? Will it bring you closer to heaven spiritually? will it make you happier? in that case you really dont care about me. And since i am a satanist, the word satan meaning adversary, that would mean i am your enemy, since you have to pray for your enemy, your enemy being the Devil that would mean you have to pray for the devil right? And since praying for the Devil makes you a Devil Worshipper, that would mean your evil.
So the choice you are presented with is the lesser of two evils. But God says there is never a lesser of two evils, so you must always choose the right thing. Is there a right thing here? Either you dont pray for everyone, and become sinful, or your pray for the Devil, and you become even more sinful! What else is there, what can you do? You can spend the rest of your life arguing in your head about this, why torment yourself? Because its the "right thing to do, because a person who tells me to contradict myself and get rid of my life so i can go to a place i can never know exists, says so"

The Balance

Why is god so popular? In the words of Anton LaVey," The devil is the best friend the church has ever had," This is not only funny as hell. But far to true. See if people just heard that," believe in god, and go to heaven," it wouldnt say what would happen if you didnt. Now they use a figurehead, one that appeals to the nature of the beast. One that will scare people into believing in their god. Thus comes the great balance, SATAN!!!!
Now the statement is," Worship god, or go to hell." WHy not be afraid of hell? its scary, so by inventing a character that everyone can hate, you give them reason to follow god. What do people do when they are about to die? Pray. Ask for absolution, even if they never once prayed before. Because as you lay dying then you start to think," Oh shit i could go to hell." Fear is what Christianity advocates, along with the promise of happiness. But for my taste the religion has to many heresay "ifs" and "buts".
If your a christian and reading this, then even you can think," Its so much easier to follow a person who says they can not only give you Bliss, but keep you from chastisement."
God wants us to give up our lives so we can avoid a horrible eternity. Because honestly, eternity is much longer than life XD.
But what if there is no afterlife? what if your life is the only thing you get? Then you will wake up after death and have the time to think," Fuck i just wasted my entire existance!"

The great Satanic Scare!

Through out history Christianity has evolved from a stupid self deceit system, into a scam for obedience. We have seen many scams the church uses, satan being the number one. They hope the world will become all christians so they have no opposition. (Later down the page i will discuss what the world will be like if we all listened to God. Thats why i started this page.)
Lets have a few examples:
-Pope Leon wanted his church to have a great painting, so he sold indulgences. He said," Give me money and a sin will be forgiven" obviously a scam for money cause honestly, how can you compete with that offer!. Well so many people had their sins forgiven, it seems less indulgences were being sold. The lo and behold he said," If you buy more indulgences then your future sins will be forgiven." Once again another indulgence rush occured. Then it evolved into," You can get your family members forgiven! Even dead ones in hell, buy enough indulgences and They will go to heaven!." Come on people, how often does God forgive people because their rich! Yet another example of Christianity and their ultimate stupidity!

-My Personal favorite story is the great scare. Many years ago, the church invented the "Black Mass theory" stating that if you werent baptised, or your baby then evil devil worshippers will kidnap you and sacrafice you. That would have been a good story to draw people in and it did. But the funny part is the Church made it all up! Then the best part is the church later that year put a price on baptisms! XD tell me if you see the scam in that.

Jesus kills!

My Father once told me," jesus has killed more people than the Black Plague, and has caused more unhappiness then all the economic depressions in history." To true (isnt my dad awesome?) think about it. For every baby, mother, father, brother sacraficed in the "satanic" masses, how many more died in wars over God? How many Muslims, jews, Christians have died for God? How many innocents have died due to witch hunts? Just tell me how many people have these religions killed?!
How many Homosexual people are miserable because of Christianity? How much misery have people gone through because they turn to god to make everything better when he does nothing? Can you come up with that number...
Point is, just how many innocent have been hurt due to the belief in God? How often have you heard about "Satan" and his followers killing people? Satanists today would never harm a person like that! We allow Gay people to be gay, we open our doors to "sinful" people that really have done nothing wrong.
(another thing about gayness, is the fact that people are made fun of it, but why? The answer is because god says its wrong. If your reading this, please tell me how gayness hurts anyone? i just dont get the hatred toward a natural thing like gayness)
Christians look for reason to harm people, if a person is a Wiccan, they must be burned. A muslim is a devil worshipper and must be hanged, a Atheist must be corrected for they are wrong. Dont you see what your God does to people? Personally i dont care about people, but i dont think its fair anyone should suffer over something non-existantant and his rules, if anyone should suffer its because they deserve it, not because a imaginary friend says so!

God is a Racist

[I will use the term "colored people" here, i dont mean any offense, and i dont mean to bash anyone! But i dont have a better term to use! So read the red print before you start calling me racist!]

This will be a small statement because it doesnt happen anymore. But mostly around the 18th and 19th century (even sometimes today) people used to see black people as the Devil, simply because of their skin. Like Huckleberry Finn said in Mark Twains book, when he was helping a black man named Jim he had the choice to turn him in because he was told that if you helped a black man you would go to hell. WEll after all he concluded he wont make Jim suffer, so he said," I will go to hell." Its stupid that he thinks he would go to hell for helping a person of a different skin color!
Really im not one to care about "colored people" (sorry to everyone, but i hate using that term! no offense intended to anyone!), like Martin Luther King JR. said," Judge people not by the color of their skin, but by their actions." so if you want to be a racist at least do it for the right reasons, hate people of a different color because they have wronged you and proven they dont like you. Great for you thats your thing, but dont hate "Colored people" just cause they have black, yellow, red, or even white skin and "God" says they are the devil! thats just flat out stupid.
Luckily those thoughts are only in the KKK and various other individuals. So i used the "God Is racist" fact as a historical reference to the Christian disease.

What is The Devil?

The Roman word "lucifer" means keeper of light, using this name the christians wanted an example, an example of what happens when you fall from the light of God. Mixing other devils and demons from other religions (mostly polytheistic and animistic ones like the greek or Roman gods). The apperance and story of Satan is used to describe what God doesnt want people to be like, he is a fairy tale used to scare people into Church.
The image most people see Satan as having, is half goat half human (baphomet for example). Well that can from Satyrs, and the God Pan. So why is it used? Humans as an animal (getting into that later) have invented ways to seperate themselves because we think that being an animal is degrading and disgusting. So making a figurehead of evil appear as half animal only makes him more disgusting. He helps christians in many ways:
1. He scares people into church
2. He helps christians make people decieve themselves that they are not animals.
3. He Gives people a person to blame, rather than god.

Satan, Lucifer, Belial, Leviathan

The four kings of hell, the one universal being that has been created by the true satanist religion by Anton LaVey. These four are the rulers of the truth, they tell people that their lives dont have to be devoted to God. Inspiring Humanist thoughts and using greater and Lesser magics as tool. Removing misery and suffering. Read the Satanic Bible for more information.
The cool part is, these guys dont exist! They are symbols, not idols to be worshipped, Satan is the part in us that holds the animalistic value of life, the dark lord teaches us to avoid god, and how to be happy by not limiting your perfectly natural actions. Things like Sex, gayness, greed etc are not evil, there is no evil, no good. nothing to devote yourself to, you are a god!
As a human we have the ability to make choices, things like god trap us into making one choice all your life, on this path you miss many things, the four kings are what divide humans from the christian beast. These four require no worship, no prayer toward them. Nothing, just be a human, walk on all fours (as a metaphor) and dont think of good and evil, just think of the moment, and what the moment brings.

The Seven Deadly tools

The seven deadly sins are embraced by the side of you that is named Satan, Lucifer, Belial, and/or leviathan. These are not sins, they are tools, things that lead to emotional, physical and social gratifacation (if you are in high school health class you learn that all three of those are the key to being healthy). Whereas God likes to tell you not to do these things, you can never live up to your potential and be healthy by following god.


Greed is the most powerful of all tools. Greed is ambition, drive, the courage to get what you want and want more for yourself to be happy. Being what it is greed is also deadly, having to much is never the matter, but how you handle it can hurt! In lieu of never getting what you want, you can get to much to keep. Sometimes you must make mutual deals to get what you want. Caring only about yourself is good, but sometimes to get what you want most means caring of others. Like if you have a lover, if you dont care about your lover then you get nothing out of them when you could potentially get the most from anyone.
Lesson about greed, use it in a productive way, dont be a self serving asshole, share what you get and you will get a sweet return. Its easy and a simple process that so many ignore. But with god, you will never have greed, never have that drive to be greedy and get what you want, thus limiting yourself, making yourself miserable. And also depriving others of what they deserve out of you.


One of my favorites, when god says sloth is evil, he means you must always give to the world, until it hurts. XD well give enough, but dont out do yourself! Be lazy, take a vacation sometimes, lay down and rest. Feel free to sit on your fat ass all day if you have nothing to do all day! simple as that!


Hard to describe actually, anger like greed is a double sword. Hard to use but not convulse into, anger is used to defend yourself from outside forces. Be it physical defense and mental. You need anger to defend everything, rather then just saying "I surrender because God says i cant get angry!". But its hard to justify anger, using it to much will indulge your life in it, you cant be happy while your angry, use anger to be happy, then use happiness to avoid anger as best as you can. Humans use anger so they dont have to anymore. God says anger is bad, well i say its bad to rob people of their natural defense called Anger!


Look at greed, envy is helpful like greed is. Want what your neighbor has, it leads you to a point where you can get it! Envy is a drive! a motivation, but it can have harmful effects. Just decide what you want, and then using YOUR morals and values find best how to get it. Never use GODS morals and values, or else you will never get it!


Well this is the great posterboy why people become satanists, lets hope they dont do it just to get laid, but lust is what we need. Being lustful isnt a bad thing, having sex doesnt hurt anyone (possibly yourself, but you think about that before you do it) sex is our most natural instinct, sex can be love, as love can be sex. It doesnt ever hurt as long as it is a mutual agreement, rape is what must be avoided here people. Why we avoid rape, go ahead do it if you want, but i hope you get thrown in jail for as long as you can! Rape is a sick act, it hurts you as much as it hurts the other person, if you truly want to have sex with them, then its in your power to do so in a way that well "spreads the love". Sex is pleasurable for a reason, its fun, it can help relationships, sure it procreates, but if sex was made just for procreation then it would be a boring or painful act. Why must we limit ourselves from sex, the pleasure it brings, the release of stress to do it? the relaxation it will bring after, the whole "i love you so much you were so good." response you can get? If your a christian, look me in the eye and tell me how sex hurts people if you have it in a loving way?
Temptation is our greatest tool, if a woman has nice legs (^^) then she should show them off to people to get her way! If sex will get you what you want, then do it there could be consequences to it, but thats why we make sure its what we want isnt it?
Sex is becoming more appropriate, even in the church, nuns are wearing shorter skirts and priests like to hear about the juiciest sins a person has to offer (watch detroit rock city, that part when Jam was confessing was funny as hell.) But like i was saying soon the sins of sex (that people were burned for) will no longer be frowned upon, the nuns and the legs thing could evolve into nuns wearing skinny clothes (which i really dont mind because some nuns are really hot <- yes i stole that from the satanic bible...)


My favorite sin, as much as a person desires to be appealing, so they should do it! It makes a person happy to love their apperance, combing your hair, wearing new clothes, things that make you feel sexier help you get what you want. It makes you feel better about yourself, creating a world were you like what you see makes it easier to enjoy. God says, that vanity is harmful. Well whats wrong with loving yourself? If you make yourself so attractive that you feel you can run down the beach into your own arms, then voila, you are happier, and can get a mate easier.


This word sounds so evil, but really if you like food, eat it. Eat pie until you get fat! Eat more, stuff yourself! Treat yourself to what you want, pies, candy, meat, beer, wine, liquor all these things that are tasteful to you, if you an afford them then spend your fill. If you feel fat, and dont like it, use vanity as a tool to become skinny again. If you complain you cant stop eating, then you are forcing yourself to be fat and you are removing potential! Work out and loose the weight, its never hard! Or if you want to be fat, go ahead, be fat, nothing wrong with fat people. Self control here is unnecessary unless you really want to look better or be healthier! Why should god tell you what you can and cant eat.
Words of Foamy the squirrel," If you want to be a fat ass, fine be a pig. If your an anorexic jackass with a thyroid problem, Fine be a twig!"

Well that sums the sins up, now if you can read all that and tell me why they are evil, without the phrase "god said so" please go ahead.

note: The word "evil" was first used by christians, the word evil is meant to describe affiliation with the opposite of morals and values god represents. But the most intresting fact is the word E-V-I-L is L-I-V-E backwards. think about that.

Christianity and culture.

With lack of anything else to talk about i will go to the popular fact of culture. Humanity has developed all sorts of lifestyles, clothings, and music. None of which should be called evil, or good. People like Conservative Christians sheild themselves from all cultures, calling music, dress and ways of living evil. This statement is basically a challenge, we all know what god says about music, peircings, tattoos, clothing etc. I need not repeat it, so if you think its evil, tell me why, so i can prove you wrong. Rules of talking to me about this:
1. No using God as an excuse.
ha i just took away your weapon! :P

People and ignorance to my text

I will now clarify what a few people cannot seem to realize, people have read this text and have completly sent it through one ear and out the other starting at the word "satanist". WEll i will now clarify!
A satanist doesnt worship, acknowledge or believe in satan. when you see the word satan in this document look at it metaphorically.
-Satan is nothing more than a word/ figure.
-Satan is greek for "adversary" or "opposer"
-Satan is not a being
-Satan is the side of humans that is not god
When i think religion i think of 2 sides, the right path, and the left path. The right path are Christians, wiccans, pagans, etc, anyone who believes in a god or spirit or anything like that, any monotheistic or polytheistic beliefs. A left hand path would be a satanist or aethiest. They do not worship or believe in a god. WE USE THEM AS METAPHORS!!!!!
If you are going to be stupid and ignorant enough to say this contradicts itself by me worshipping satan, just know that i never once said i even believe in him.
Satan is the figurehead of our animalistic thoughts and desires. A name that we have given our beliefs and theories, not because he is the devil and rules hell, because his name means "adversary"!!!!

The conclusion

Well anyways, youve heard my opinions, but why did i spend four hours bashing christianity? I have my reasons.
I did not make this page to:
-Insult individual people
-Try to convert people to satanism
-Try to get people away from God.

Im putting it this way, whatever works for you great! If your a christian, muslim, Jew, protestant, or if you worship the great green arklesiezure from Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy. If it makes you happy, i dont give a shit, im not here to convert, im here to speak my mind. I dont force dogma on you so if you argue with me on anything, be a fucking adult about it! If you want to make me a christian go right ahead, im open to any comments on this page.
Just know this, ive never gone to any christian wiki and bitched at them, i dont go to anything christian and try to insult them, i wait for them to come to me to act like an immature dickhead.

Im not interested in christianity as MY religion, dont force it on me

All i wrote this for is to have people say," Ah i never thought about things that way..." i want to let people know the beliefs of another person, and if they want agree to it. ask me questions, learn more. be open minded.

Now before i hear crap like," Well your not open minded, you probably dont even know anything about christianity." Im gonna make it simple for you, i know everything there is to know about religion!
i have read:
-The bible (twice)
-The Koran
-Parts of the Torah
-The satanic bible
-Satanic rituals
-Thelma by Crowley
-All the Magick books by Crowley
-Various biographies of religious figureheads

I have in my life been a: Christian, Pagan, Odinist, Gnostic, Atheist, Agnostic, and i pretended to be a muslim once or twice (god that was funny!) currently i pretend to be a christian around my family (helps me stay out of trouble) but in reality i am a true satanist. Out of all the religions i have been though, i have learned from and added them all together into one universal belief. adding them up into satanism was an easy task. And now thats what i call myself, and i believe i will the rest of my life because i have studied most every belief, and once again what i have removed from each of them makes me what i am today.

Think about that before you debate with me!

All this is the opinions, beliefs and ideas of [Nazarath.93] dont talk to me in message form, just argue, debate, or compliment me here.

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Written about Friday 2008-05-23
Written: (4433 days ago)

I like 45 out of these 100 bands XD

Then add them up and repost as “I like ___ out of 100 bands.

[x] Breaking Benjamin
[ ] Paramore
[x] The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
[X] Linkin Park
[ ] The Academy Is…
[ ] Coldplay
[X] Three Days Grace
[ ] Yellowcard
[x] 30 Seconds to Mars
[x] Rise Against

[x] Rascal Flatts
[x] Carrie Underwood
[x] Leanne Rimes
[x] Garth Brooks
[x] Dixie Chicks
[x] Kenny Chesney
[x] Tim McGraw
[X] Faith Hill
[ ] Shania Twain

[ ] Hawthorne Heights
[X] Panic! At The Disco
[x] From First to Last
[ ]Senses Fail
[ ] Underoath
[ ] Something Corporate
[ ] Hit The Lights
[ ] Silverstein
[ ] Dear Whoever
[ ] Chiodos

[ ] The Hush Sound
[ ] Eisley
[ ] Death Cab for Cutie
[ ] Dashboard Confessional
[ ] The Killers
[ ] Yeah Yeah Yeahs
[ ] Hot Hot Heat
[ ] Gym Class Heroes
[ ] Franz Ferdinand
[ ] Modest Mouse

[x] Slipknot
[x] System of a Down
[x] Disturbed
[x] Metallica
[X] Guns n’ Roses
[x] Lamb of God
[x] Slayer
[x] Atreyu
[x] Killswitch Engage
[x] Avenged Sevenfold
[x] CKY

[ ] Teddy Geiger
[ ] Ashlee Simpson
[X] Kelly Clarkson
[ ] Jesse McCartney
[X] Avril Lavigne
[X] Pink
[X] Natasha Bedingfield
[x] Mcfly
[x] Jonas Brothers

[ ] job for a cowboy
[ ] drop dead gorgeous
[ ] blessthefall
[x] the devil wears prada
[ ] bring me the horizon
[x] dance club massacre
[ ] preschool tea party massacre
[x] Scary Kids Scaring Kids

[ ] nas ..
[ ] Paul Wall ..
[ ] 2pac ..
[ ] mims ..
[ ] Ludacris ..
[ ] Lil' Jon ..
[ ] Outkast (Is this even considered rap?)
[ ] 50 Cent /
[ ] birdman /
[ ] eminem /
[ ] lil wayne /

[ ] Rancid
[ ] The Aquabats
[x] Sublime
[X] No Doubt
[ ] Reel Big Fish
[ ] Mustard Plug

[ ] Taking Back Sunday
[X] All American Rejects
[ ] Motion City Soundtrack
[ ] Angels and Airwaves
[X] Evanescence
[x] My Chemical Romance
[x] Drowning Pool
[X] Green Day
[ ] Blink 182

[X] The Beatles
[x] Led Zeppelin
[X] Black Sabbath
[x] The Rolling Stones
[X] The Who
[X] Pink Floyd
[x] Meat Loaf
[X] Queen
[x] Poison
[x] AC-DC
[x] Journey


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