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Written about Saturday 2009-10-24
Written: (4421 days ago)

wow, i am sitting here reading my old posts and to be honest i was a little punk , lol oh boy, well it has been three years and some change since my last post in my diary and life has been crazy for me very crazy , mainly me ex girl and her family, the really bad thing about it is we have a daughter together and she's keeps trying to have me put back in jail for nothing and i mean nothing, her mother had me arrested b/c i was around one of my brothers guns at his yard sale, yeah crazy huh, well im back in kentucky with all these back-woods hicks and these country bumpkens , why me?! it could be worst i could still be in indiana with that crazy women and her family. the only problem down here is these girls/women arent my type at all any of them, their to stupid even the smart ones, which is bad. but the worst part is im away from the one person that i have loved for more than eight years and never told untill two weeks ago, funny thing is she told me she loved me first which really blew my mind b/c i never in my wildest dreams thought she would ever say that and she did! but at the moment we cant be together b/c there are people that wouldnt like it, like both our familys for one . she is and always will be my friend before anything and if it comes to anything else only time will tell, but i hope she knows i would lay down my life for her , even to have her just for one day.

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Written about Friday 2006-04-21
Written: (5702 days ago)
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well its been almost three years since ive wrote in here, my beautiful girlfriend told me to write in here b/c it looked lonely b/c of the time laps, so im writting, uh all is well sept for a few things but that will change, im in love ,oh so very much in love, she is a great women and means the world to me. im away from home again living in kentucky now was living in indiana with an old high school buddie that didnt work out to well. took a crazy trip to see my love two days ago that was fun , got lost a couple of times and about ran out of gas but i got there non the less no thanks to my buddie that thought we where gonna bhe lost and gone for days, lol micheal you silly fool! finally got to meet my dear girlfriend she is everything i thought she would be and more, i love her and theres nothing that can change the way i feel for her.

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Written about Wednesday 2003-07-09
Written: (6719 days ago)
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well today did go a little better , first i went to my friends house and we went driving around (trans. in car still broke i dont have reverse, i never know how much it came in handy) then we got soem hydro's from his frined and then we came to my house and rp DnD for awhile then snorted the pills we got earlyer that day , what fun im still fucked up its great!

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Written about Tuesday 2003-07-08
Written: (6721 days ago)

well today just hasent gone my way first i try to syfine gas out off a car and i swallow it, then i bust my transmition on my car, its just not my day, and i piss off my girlfriend what a day!

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Written about Sunday 2003-07-06
Written: (6723 days ago)

ok im back, i know its not respectible to have that stuff but thats older people for you, they think just because we teens have some metal protruding from our face we are nothing but little punks that cant be trusted well if thats what they want to think fuck them im done with people like that , the next person that tells me that i cant have a percing on my face im going to give them a peice of my mind with my fist!

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Written about Sunday 2003-07-06
Written: (6723 days ago)

hey its a nother boring day in my life, well ive got a girlfriend now and ive got a job, and my car and licence too, but im still not happy, i wish that someone would just let em be me, every where i look people are trying to truen us teen's into what they want use to be, like my job they say i cant where my gages in my ears , i say why not its who i am, and they say i have to keep my face clean shaven , what if i want a full beired what comes down to my nuts ? what the fucxk they gonna do about that! well ill right later now im pist i hate old people , them and there ways , i wish they would just let us be!

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Written about Thursday 2003-03-13
Written: (6837 days ago)
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Hello, today is another boring day inmy life but tomorrow is a half day here at school so i wont be checking my stuff in here untill monday, it also means tomorrow im going to do something i havent done in five days,(if the cops knew what i was doing they would kill me.), so im going to have fun tomorrow.and ill keep writing as long as i can for those of you that want me to , you know who you are.Thx

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Written about Tuesday 2003-03-11
Written: (6839 days ago)
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well this my diary and life sucks so im not going to write in her much because peopl dont come look at it , but if people ask me to write in it i will for them, thank you.

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