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Written about Sunday 2005-10-23
Written: (5273 days ago)

Yay! A new page! ^_^ So my mom was getting tired of having to read my [idyllicday] page (yeah, i'm the same person) and get bashed. But I need a place to rant and rave and speak my mind. A lot of the times I get on elftown to get into my diary and empty my mind. People on here are helpful and talk to me and try to make me feel better. It's very nice. Unlike just keeping everything to myself and going insane, crying to my friends, or writing in an actual diary with paper...(emma finds it and shows mom)So i'll be nice in my idyllicday page (i guess or just rarely get on it) and I'll put more on here. This will be where my anger goes. Well, I'm going to go watch pages. Excuse me.

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