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Written about Tuesday 2008-12-02
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Hmm, when I was little I always used to put 'Dear Diary' but I don't really feel like it anymore . . .

Today there's not much to do. Me and my two younger brothers are homeschooled, my older brother is in college - community college - for two yers then he's going to a better, more permanent college education. But, since me and my brothers are schooled at home we don't get snow days. That's a good thing, though, because then we get out before everyone else because we don't have to catch up from all the snow days we missed. Snow days are still fun, but today wasn't a very good day for it to snow for us because my two younger brothers (Jacob, 9 - almost 10 - and Benjamin, 7) had basketball tryouts today. But if all the public schools are cancelled they won't have tryouts today. It doesn't really matter for me, my basketball season doesn't start for at least two months.
I can't wait for tomorrow, me and my mom are going on a shopping day tomorrow. But not the normal shopping day of prissy girly-girls where we look at just makeup, clothes, and boys (I don't really have much interest in boys) no, we are going to look at a few clothes, I need some boots for winter and a few new clothes for winter. Then we're going to get some Christmas ornament, christmas presents, a birthday presend for Jacob who's birthday is soon, and we're going to Barnes&Noble (YAY!) And we'll get a Starbucks and I'm going to buy some books. Brisingr, the Next Ranger's Apprentice book, the first book of the Sword of Truth series - Wizard's first Rule, and perhaps so classics, like the Three Musketeers (the original, old english version) or Romeo & Juliet, or even Hamlet! Just something interesting. Ugh, there was a Dragonlance Comic I wanted but they never have it there when I go, I think they just don't stock up on it because not many people seem to read Dragonlance anymore, *sigh* oh, well. I'll just have to be content with what I can get.


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