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Written about Friday 2009-04-17
Written: (4611 days ago)

Show me your undies!

Go cast your vote!!! Three different polls!!!!!
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Written about Thursday 2009-03-05
Written: (4654 days ago)
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Written about Saturday 2008-09-13
Written: (4828 days ago)

Vote for your favorite entry in <poll:76681>

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Written about Sunday 2007-04-01
Written: (5358 days ago)

Stolen from [Elysian] who stoled it from [Ocean Soul] who nabbed it from [Jitter]

The Rules Are As Follows
1. You shall put your music player on shuffle.
2. You shall press forward for each question.
3. You shall use the song title as the answer to the question even if it doesn't make sense. NO CHEATING!
4. You shall tag 5 people and rain hell upon humanity.
5. You shall give your own comments on how it relates to the questions.

How are you feeling today?
Strong Enough - Stacie Orrico
It's sunday... So yeah...

Will you get far in life?
Beautiful Liar - Beyonce feat Shakira
Maybe...? :S

How do your friends see you?
n41 Jupiter - Mozart
Whatever that means

What is your best friend's theme song?
Sway - Pussycat Dolls...
Not really...

What is the story of your life?
Can't help falling in love - Andrea Bocelli and Katharine Mccphee

What is high school like?
All I need - Air
Big Lol.

How can you get ahead in life?
Il Trovatore - Verdi
(Does it mean i need to listen more verdi?)

What is the best thing about your friends?
Beautiful Day - Nicollette
They make my life perfect

What is in store for this weekend?
Beautiful Boys - Cocorosie feat Antony

How is your life going?
I want candy - melanie C

What song will they play at your funeral?
You were always on my mind - Fantasia Barrino

What do your friends really think of you?
Too Little Too late - Jojo
damn... -_-

Do people secretly lust after you?
Last Night - The Strokes

How can I make myself happy?
Suddenly I see - KT Tunstall
eyes wide open you see?

What should you do with your life?
Lil Star - Kelis
Fall in love :D

Will you ever have children?

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Written about Sunday 2007-03-25
Written: (5365 days ago)

Please vote at Voodoo Contest

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Written about Tuesday 2007-01-09
Written: (5440 days ago)

Stoled from [deus-ex-machina] (probably misspelled)

-- [Name:] Pedro Duncan Araújo Pinto
-- [Nickname:] Spider, Gato
-- [Birthdate:] 21/01/1989
-- [Birthplace:] Famalicão
-- [Hair color:] Dark Brown
-- [Height:] 5"10
-- [Righty or lefty:] Righty ^^
--[Who do you live with] I live with two sisters, a beautiful cat that I love and a boxer named Colly
--[How old are they] Silas (cat) is probably over 6 months lol, Colly is 4 or 5 years old.. Ilda is 26 and Olga 21
[Layer two]
-- [Your heritage:] ---
-- [The shoes you wore today:] Nike blue and red
-- [Your weakness:] I care too much
-- [Your fears:] Meeting strange people, become fat
-- [Your perfect pizza:] Exótica
-- [Goal you'd like to achieve:] Fuck over 69 different people and be a whore...
-- [Your most overused phrase:] Whatever
-- [Your thoughts first waking up:] fuck
-- [Your best physical feature:] Probably nothing
-- [Your bedtime:] 2 a.m.
-- [Your most missed memory:] If it's a memory... You teencrap...

-- [Soda:] Guaraná
-- [Fast food joint:] Mcdonald's
-- [Single or group dates:] Group
-- [Adidas or Nike:] Nike ofcourse
-- [Chocolate or vanilla:] Both are tasty
-- [Cappuccino or coffee:] Coffee every morning
-- [Favourite football club] Porto

-- [Smoke:] Yes please
-- [Sing:] Pretty good actually
-- [Take a shower every day:] Yes
-- [Have a crush(es):] A lot...
-- [Do you think you've been in love:] once
-- [Want to go to college:] Probably
-- [Like school:] Not really
-- [Want to get married:]No, it's illegal to marry men in portugal
-- [state schools or private] public schools
-- [Believe in yourself:] All the time
-- [Get motion sickness:] wtf!
-- [Think you're attractive:] Maybe a little bit...
-- [Think you're a health freak:] Not at all
-- [Get along with your parents:] I do
-- [Like thunderstorms:] Love them
-- [Play an instrument:] Yes... Piano

In the past 6 months...
-- [Drank alcohol:] A lot...
-- [Smoked:] Even more...
-- [Done a drug:] Ya
-- [Made out:] I have a gf
-- [Gone on a date:] --
-- [Gone to the mall:] Yes
-- [Eaten an entire box of Oreos:]YES!
-- [Eaten sushi:] No
-- [Been on stage:] no
-- [Gone skating:] hmmm no...But i tried this cool rollerblades in a shopping
-- [Made homemade cookies:] Silly
-- [Gone skinny-dipping:] !?
-- [Dyed your hair:] Nope, but i did once in black
-- [Stolen anything:] I lie, steal and cheat :) literally...

-- [Played a game that required removal of clothing:] Strip Poker, spinning the bottle, true or consequence, sex ;)
-- [Been trashed or extremely intoxicated:] Yes
-- [Been caught doing something:] Yeah... I breath... I eat...
-- [Been called a tease:] People do say I am
-- [Gotten beaten up:] No one can beat me
-- [Shoplifted:] Yes... Games as the expensier
-- [Changed who you were to fit in:] Eventually, but not on purpose...

-- [Numbers and names of children:] I'm 18. (I could have children, but i dont)
-- [Describe your dream wedding:] Paris
-- [How you want to die:] I won't die.
-- [Where do you want to go to college:] Minho
-- [What do you want to be when you grow up:] A pornstar, men's health cover by luck and a lawyer
-- [What country would you most like to visit:] So many countries so little time :)

In the preferred sex...
-- [Best eye color:] Brown or Green (but better is expressive cute eyes)
-- [Best hair color:] Black
-- [Short or long hair:] Short
--[Best height:] Tall
-- [Best weight:] I do hate fat people, sorry to most americans.
-- [Best articles of clothing:] boxers
-- [Best first date location:] Cinema?
-- [Best first kiss location:] It doesn't matter as long as it is feeled

-- [Number of drugs taken illegally:] Marijuana only.
-- [Number of people I could trust with my life:] Over 7
-- [Number of CDs that I own:] I have everything on the computer... And a lot of forgotten cds
[Number of piercings:] 0
-- [Number of tattoes:] 1, near future will be more 2
-- [Number of times my name has appeared in the newspaper:] I don't know... Quite a few
--[Number of scars on my body:] Lot of marks... Including scars from zits
-- [Number of things in my past that I
] Everyday

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Written about Saturday 2006-12-16
Written: (5464 days ago)

Gato's hitlist


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Written about Tuesday 2006-12-12
Written: (5468 days ago)

stolen from [moira hawthorne] who stole it from [dayah]'s diary

A) 4 Names people call you:
1. Duncan
2. Spider
3. Pedro
4. mor (by girlfriend means love)

B) 4 places you have lived:
1. Calendário
2. V.N. Famalicão
3. Düsseldorf
4. Dreams

C) 4 jobs you have had in your life:
1. Student
2. Hooker
3. Lazy Bastard
4. Free artist for friends

D) 4 movies you could watch over and over:
1. Click!
2. Tap Movies
3. Love Actually (yes! Actually!)
4. Scary Movie

E) 4 TV shows you love to watch:
1. Sex in the City
2. Doctor House
3. Friends
4. CSI

F) 4 Places you have been on vacation:
1. Germany
2. Algarve
3. yeah
4. Lol sad sad portugal

G) 4 websites you visit daily (or semi-weekly):
1. Elftown
2. WWE
3. hi5
4. fotolog personal one

H) 4 of your favourite foods:
1. Tropical Pizza
4. mcdonalds, pretty much everything there

I) 4 things you are allergic to:
1. Flees and stuff...
2. Dust
3. Love
4. Sharing

J) 4 of your siblings names (if you have any):
1. Olga
2. Ilda
3. Xico
4. Zé

K) 4 places you would love to travel to:
1. Paris
2. New York
3. Australia
4. Japan

L) 4 of your pets:
1. Silas (my beautiful and perfect cat)
2. Colly (Bitch)
3. Sparky (stupid fish)
4. Turtle (turtle named turtle... In portuguese we say Tartaruga)

M) 4 things you want for Christmas this year:
1. braces
2. Love
3. Peace
4. some sleep

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Written about Saturday 2006-12-09
Written: (5471 days ago)

YOU CAN ASK ME SIX QUESTIONS:: (look how they could come out)
1. What color is your vagina!?
2. Do you smell your own farts like a lot?!
3. Have you ever did a blowjob?!
4. Do you enjoy jerking off?
5. Are you a bitch?!
6. Would you suck me?!
No matter how random, revealing, rude, or pointless
I promise to answer them 100% truthfully
All questions are COMPLETELY confidential - send to my inbox

Random, revealing, rude and totally pointless Voila!

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Written about Sunday 2006-11-05
Written: (5506 days ago)

Stolen from [moira hawthorne] who stole it from [Cia_mar] who stole it from [Elisha Kelly] who stole it from [Jitter] who stole it from [Ocean Soul] :P

10 questions. Pick a band and answer only using that band's song titles...

Chosen Band/Artist: No use for a Name (I like them)

1. Are you male or female?: "Weirdo"
2. Describe yourself: "Life size mirror"
3. How do some people feel about you?: "Why doesn't anybody like me"
4. How do you feel about yourself? "On the outside"
5. Describe your family?: "Munsters"
6. Where would you rather be?: "Chasing Rainbows"
7. Describe what you want to be: "Black Box"
8. Describe how you live: "Enjoy the silence"
9. Describe how you love: "Saddest Song"
10. Describe what you hate: "Hybrid Moments"

Lol... ~_~

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Written about Saturday 2006-11-04
Written: (5507 days ago)

Last opportunity to vote...


Sunday this poll is officially closed.
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Written about Wednesday 2006-10-18
Written: (5524 days ago)

sh*t happens


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Written about Monday 2006-10-16
Written: (5526 days ago)

I just found out how it stupid my elftown diary is... I guess i will start to update it :-s

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