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Written about Wednesday 2014-12-17
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So, on the 8th I started a new job. I work for AHS Pharmstat which placed me as a Pharmacy Tech with QoL Meds. So far the job has been great, good people, great hours (weekends off haven't had that in years!) and hopefully when I get it a great 1st paycheck! Only downside, the job isn't a sit on yer butt like I was used to at the old job. So, my feet and legs are going through an adjustment period (hurt like hell! lol). So, if I haven't posted in a little while nudge me with a stick and I'll get a couple out. Most of all have a good holiday!

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Written about Sunday 2014-05-18
Written: (2353 days ago)

Lately I cringe whenever the text message alert rings on my phone...I helped a High school friend out and now she thinks every little thing that happens needs to be texted to me...Almost enough to make me change my phone number

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