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Written about Tuesday 2006-02-07
Written: (5103 days ago)

i dunno why but when i hear his voice i begin to cry i cant belive he cheated on me while out of town how could look me in the eyes and tell me still that he loved me how i just wish i knew what was going through his head when he did it was he willing was he hapy did i even go through his head when it was going on what i just wish i knew i dunno any i wanna give up on guys but then i would put so many down i dunno i just wish that i could run away and leave it all behind but i know if i dont face the fact that my life wont get better why didnt i should of figured it out but never did what was going through my head at the time i was in love and blinded but now i will never how it feelsd to be loved the same way i luved him i just wish i knew i would luv to be informed but i will never know but i f i do ever get my hands on him i swear on all i own and every thing i know i will kill him the same he killed my love for him why i just want to know how come he did it i might drop it but for ever i will have a black whole in my heart whear he burned me is he happy that he hurt me is proud of him self what is thinking right now i just wish i knew but never will now why if any one can help me i would them for the rest of my god givin life no matter what sorry i know emo but i just wish i knew how to deal with it but i will nver know is he fucking happy that he hurt me is proud of what he did to me i hope he hurts as much as i do but 10x worse so i stop him down even more

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Written about Sunday 2006-01-15
Written: (5126 days ago)


 god damn so much shit at times i wish i was dead so many people dont seem to understand that my life fucking suxs i just wish that life would leave me the fuck alone

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Written about Monday 2006-01-02
Written: (5139 days ago)

at times i feel like life is taking me some where but then again i feel like i am being held back from every thing i wish i could hate life i wish i could love it but i cant i dunno how you feel worthless a nobody i feel that every day but i stand tall and know my place even thoe i wish my place was free to do what i want and to feel how i want but i am frozen i will never be happy again

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Written about Thursday 2005-07-28
Written: (5297 days ago)
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i am fuking bored as usual

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