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Written about Friday 2004-11-19
Written: (4989 days ago)

talking to someone on elftown and i just realized that i've never heard anything good from a doctor.

"that's too bad. i hate doctors. sometimes i think they deliberately put people through pain. just coz they're sadistic, twisted bastards"

Other person:
"yup.glad someone agrees.i hate them.and denists.everytime i go they find something wrong with me."

"that's true.
whenever i go to a doctor i always get bad news. hospitals, scans, all bad. i'd feel better if they would lie to me every now and then, you know? Cayley, guess what, you are perfectly healthy and your IQ has jumped 116 points... or something "

now wouldn't it be nice if they really would say something like that.

They're already on their way.

Cayley, there won't be many side-effects
Cayley, just call out if it is hurting and we'll pull the switch for a while.
Cayley, you're going to be fine

lies lies lies lies lies

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