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Written about Tuesday 2009-11-03
Written: (3983 days ago)

Okay....So I'm deffinatly deleting my elftown in like a week or so cause im tired of never getting messages and I never meet new poeple..the new people I meet are always perverts. But if u are one of the lucky few that are my friends message me and ill give u another way to get in touch with me..Kay?

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Written about Saturday 2006-10-07
Written: (5106 days ago)

all of my firiends have been deleted and im really not liking the whole elftown elfpack thing i have a myspace if you know me look for me but if not o well

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Written about Tuesday 2006-07-04
Written: (5201 days ago)

Happy Fourth Of July everyone

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Written about Monday 2006-07-03
Written: (5202 days ago)

hey people im soooo happy im almost 15 my bday is the 12th i cant wait

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Written about Friday 2006-06-30
Written: (5204 days ago)

Hey people its me guess what!!!!!!! My cousin susan just had her twins....the boys name is Ryan and the girls name is Haylee....im soo happy and they are adorable!!!!

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Written about Friday 2005-10-07
Written: (5471 days ago)

i just feel like dying no one likes me anymore!!

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Written about Thursday 2005-10-06
Written: (5472 days ago)

this dude named andy is so freaking hott and i like him a lot and i think he likes me but im not shure if i shuld ask him if he does???

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Written about Tuesday 2005-07-12
Written: (5558 days ago)

hey its my birthday im soooo happy i cant wait untill tomorrow me and my friend chels [bitch10125244] are going to the movies we are going to go see darkwater. its going to b soo awesome!!!

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