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Written about Thursday 2013-01-17
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Dear random people who will probably never read this.

I'm angry. And yet happy in other ways at the same time. Wanna talk about confusing? Great, then here we go.

Long and short of the happy is this. Made some money today and got to help a friend to unload a bunch of stuff from her house. She's apparently moving in a few months, and she can't afford to take everything with her. 60 bucks for not much work? I'll take that any day of the week.

As for the anger. I made a stupid decision. This decision goes by the name of Chatango.com. Those of you who have not heard of it, please save yourself the heartache...as I will explain. It's a free, online, browser based chat system that let's you talk to anyone who is on the system regardless of where they live. The only restriction is age. under 17 cannot speak to over, and over 17 cannot speak to under. Makes sense right?

Well let's just say that this random chick that popped into my roleplay room was 16...and me being 25, things are...well...tense on my end. However, she was incredibly literate, had a great character, and didn't go do anything crazy. I made it perfectly clear that my character was going through a very tough time in his life, and she understood and accepted that.

Now here's where it gets confusing. Remember, this girl is 16 years old in real life. Apparently, her 18 year old "husband" (keep in mind this is online...) who is also her boyfriend in real life, made the decision for her to "not allow her to roleplay or talk to me any more.

Our roleplay was 100% non sexual, non flirtatious, and non suggestive. Long and short, besides the human emotions, it was quite vanilla. I've even been banned from the room I met her in, which I have posted in maybe a grand total of 5 times.

So, I've decided that the childish, overly young, mentally and emotionally underdeveloped fools of that site (bout to sound narcissistic here folks) do not deserve to be graced with my roleplaying experience, prowess, and skill.

Bold words, I know. But I'm gladly willing to back them up. I used to own a thread on Gaia for many years, almost 100 posts average per day. I know at the end of the day I can easily get back into it. All I have to do is find some people that would be interested in it long enough to give it a shot, and build up a general attendance base and go from there. I just hope that User:Sideways is right when he says the maturity level and friendliness of this site will amaze me. I've already received one random message from a friend he has, and hopefully I'll get more soon, as well as me sending out my own.

Anyway, thanks for letting me rant my face off people. Hope you have a nice day.

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