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Written about Wednesday 2005-06-08
Written: (5376 days ago)

(1) Your gender: penis
(2) Straight/gay/BI?: straight
(3) Single?: yes
(4) Want to be?: meh don't care
(5) Your birthday: Jan 4
(6) Act your age?: no im an annoying shit
(8) Your height: 5.8
(9) The color of your eyes: brown
(10) Happy with it?: meh don't care
(11) The color of your hair: brown
(12) Left/right/ambidextrous?: right
(13) What's your job: don't got a job
(14) Piercing?: 4
(15) Tattoos?: nope
(16) Obsessions?: meh soccer?
(17) Do you speak another language?: spanish and french
(18) Have a favorite quote?: gooooolasoooooo

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