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Written about Monday 2004-12-06
Written: (5036 days ago)
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You see it everywhere.
You afraid that you'll do it-on accident.
But if you tried it,you would see the lies they told.
Have we lived only to be a faded memory?
I fear thats what I can only be.
How many will miss when I'm gone?
Dramatic are these words.
My words of goodbye will not be the feirce ones I long for them to be
But rather just a flesh wound on this haven for these sick fuckers we like to call our firends.

(note : my thoughts in are not meant to be personal to my friends.I love you all. I was just trying to say that we don't really know who it is that we are talking to.Deep down do I really trust you all ? No. I'm not one to trust very easily.Thats the problem with the internet.You never really know.The world has become a very strange and majorly screwed up place.
Trust is not something that comes easy for me these days.)

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Written about Saturday 2004-10-23
Written: (5080 days ago)

She only exsists on the screen.

Will I see you tonight?
 Will I wake up and wonder,what could have been?
Where did this pain come from?
Do we really need this?
I don't think we really need to make believe.

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Written about Monday 2004-07-26
Written: (5169 days ago)

It must so wondeful for those who live thier lives on the internet. Making rules for those who only want veiw thier page.
Making people censor themsleves 'whats up are not allowed..you are beneath me'
Thinkng that they are so special to talk to that they need to filter out the 'bad ones'.

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Written about Saturday 2003-11-15
Written: (5423 days ago)

sometimes you don't when somebody is being funny. thats when you need your funny mask on.

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