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Written about Wednesday 2007-12-19
Written: (4620 days ago)

So....Heres whats been up... Pretty much nothing LOL
Just gettin through the day to day which is what life pretty much seems to be all about.
Well peoples, I loves and Misses you alls. 
*MUAH*s for everybody.

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Written about Thursday 2007-11-01
Written: (4668 days ago)

Ok so its been a rediculously long time since Ive done one of these....literally almost two years ago.
Well anyway I just wanted to say that Im doing well and that Japan is frikin awsome. Ok so for those of you who havnt been there years basically the rundown of the two years that I havnt posted anything...

Ok at the time that I was first on here I was dating an individual named Asia and I was living in Dawsonville with a couple of my friends. Ok soon to find out that Asia was a teency bit crazy (after I broke up with her cause we never got to see eachother) and started trying to tell people that I am a pedefile...entirle not true..anyone who knows me can atest to this...anyway situation with Asia finally ended with a huge falling out betwenn me her and a guy that used to be a good friend of mine Shane Lewis (aka Asias new boyfriend at the time...notice something here) Anyways that whole episode finally came to a close and after a while I ended up moving back home to the great (or not so great) city of Jasper (YAY) were I began trying to mend lost or broken friendships because of my own selfish assholedness...
Anyway I began working again this time at the local movie gallery and was fortunate enough to get into a relationship with one of the most wonderfull persons I have ever known Tiffany Mortimer. I then began my prosses of entering the navy and six months later oh yeah Im at bootcamp and regretibley treated dear Tiffany horribley (and for that I can never ask her forgiveness) three and a half months later I graduated and became an Recruit in the United States Navy WHOOT (or so I though). I proceded to my school to learn my rate and job and about a month and a half later came home on leave. For those of you that I did not get to see I appologize, but I was only home briefly and with not having a vehicle of my own t'was very dificult to get anywhere. well then I came out here to the truely wonderful country of Japan and if I where here under any other circumstances would probably enjoy myself greatly but let me for worn you THE NAVY FRIKIN SUCKS DONT LISTEN TO WHAT ANYONE TELLS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyways now that I have that off my chest, I hope to here from all of my dear friends soon and know that I think about you all constantly and miss you all dearly....Much Loves Everyone
*MUAH* ^_^
P.S. In contrast to me previous entrey Asia no longer rocks....and if anyone can tell me how to get the damn watching my house thingy from her off my page I would ever so greatly appreciate it.

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Written about Wednesday 2005-11-23
Written: (5376 days ago)

Behold mine first entry to the great diary of Nathos Dark Lord of all things Munchy!!!!
yippie, yippe, yap yap yap moo woof oink
lamma lamma DUCK!!!...
Now that I have that out of the way, I am super happy to be on elftown, soon I shall be posting a poll, of which the subject I do not know!!! Please take part in it for I would love feedback from all who care to provide it.


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