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Written about Wednesday 2006-11-15
Written: (4848 days ago)

willow bunked french! and i just remembered that willow won't be able to read this coz her comp's stuffed. Go me! i'm feeling random. and a little cold. kitty! jump up and close the window!now! and she just looks at me, yawns and begins to lick her own butt.
i love cats their so sarcastic!

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Written about Sunday 2006-10-29
Written: (4865 days ago)

oooooh. i havn't made an 06 entry yet, well this is it. having sadi that...what the hell do i write? meh, don't care. ok then nothing. sounds good to me.
this message was brought tot you by split personalilties.
:D and :} and :P

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Written about Monday 2005-12-05
Written: (5194 days ago)

wow. i am soooo bored. i mean think about it, here i am, sitting here, at my lonley computer watching my cat lick its butt! Very Very sad. oh well.

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