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Written about Tuesday 2006-10-24
Written: (5242 days ago)

Yesterday i recived a chainmessage whos offend th mexicans, it says things like "if you cross the river to be a gardener you are mexican" and things related i thing it was maded by a american racist stupid, and some people here on elftown loves that kind of black humor, so, i will give you american a taste of your own poison lol

"if you watch a low flying plane and you start to run in circles screaming... yes... you are american"
"if you watch a colombian guy and you can only think in ask him for some drugs...yes... you are american"
"if you watch an islamist praying to the Meca and you scream to it TERRORIST...yes...you are american"
"if you watch a mexican and you only can think in weed...yes... you are american
"if you torch in flames a cross in the yard of your afroamerican neighborg..yes... you are american"
"If you watch an german girl and you scream to her NAZI or HEIL HITLER... yes,... you are american"
"if you watch a rusian and you only can think in comunism...yes... you are american"
"if a cuban enter to your store and you dont allow to get your services only cause you think he is like Castro...yes...you are american"

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Written about Saturday 2006-01-14
Written: (5525 days ago)

since a few monts ago, im alone, i`ve fail in that mission, ive lost my chance to leave that school with my friends, now im paying the high cost or my mistake with the lonelyness of myhearth and the stealthynes of the ignored...

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Written about Thursday 2004-09-30
Written: (5996 days ago)

*scared* howwlll !!! i have information about one of my friends are in trouble, that friend is trapped in a clinical institution!!! *sad* and i cant do anithing to get my friend free!!! what can i do?*thinking* maybe only pray... in another side of my mind im thinking abour thwe meteor have cruise the space near of the earth, in my inner self i was wanted the meteor crush in the earth, maybe i tdont destroy all, maybe it only give us a scream timei want that because the life in this planet need a lil punish or thinking it better, a reason to be better, i hope the humans and myself can be better int he future*sad*well, the night is waiting i hope that friend i´ve mentioned can get free soon....

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