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Written about Saturday 2008-12-20
Written: (4903 days ago)

When you're depressed...
When you're wanna to have fun
When you're sick
It doesn't matter when,, real friends will be always there for you..,
So be nice to them and be a good friend too!

Blessed Be all of you!

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Written about Wednesday 2006-10-04
Written: (5711 days ago)

Look at me,,
Look at my eyes...
Don't you see something?
Don't you see pain?
My blood start to drain.
You're deciving me and it hurt me so much.
I feel pain, even with a little touch.
But now it is enough.
I stop the way you put me trough.
because the reason is hard, because the reason is you.

Made in a few minutes.. so it's not so good =D

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