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Written about Thursday 2007-11-01
Written: (4776 days ago)

Does anyone know of anyway to lessen the chances of dreaming when you sleep?

I usually always dream, and when I dream, I don't feel rested...I can sleep 9 hours, but if I dream, it feels like I've hardly slept at all. It's driving me insane. How the hell can I NOT dream?

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Written about Monday 2007-02-12
Written: (5038 days ago)

Hmm...I'm starting to think I'm in love. I just want to hug him and never let go. Still need to do some thinking before considering saying anything. Valentines wednesday makes me feel like rushing into things...but I know better. >.>

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Written about Saturday 2007-01-27
Written: (5054 days ago)

Busy, busy, my boyfriend is finding more time to spend with me, and my best friend moved here from the other side of the country on sunday, staying at my place, and of course, all my courses assign essays at the same bloody time...argh.

So yeah...I haven't been on very much at all, and probaly won't be for the next while. >.>

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