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Written about Saturday 2008-08-30
Written: (4195 days ago)

at PAX 08 it is pretty impressive I found out they have a version of resistance coming out for the psp gave it a run and it rocks.

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Written about Monday 2008-08-04
Written: (4221 days ago)

So once again I survived Seafair Parking. Rayvenn, Impatha, and Myself worked the Handicap parking lot which was gravy work. If they had a handicap license plate or one of those mirror things we let them in at which time the AWESOME Seattle PD pounced on them to make those above items actually belonged to them and if they didn't out they went. One of the officer's played Bad Boys over their loudspeaker as they were directing traffic I will never be able to look at them the same way again they were friendly and awesome playing unless you were doing something wrong of course. One guy was giving Rayvenn crap because she had let him in and he got a ticket because he was trying to use his Mom's handicap card and Mom wasn't with him, and the SPD jumped on him again and told him to leave her alone. While there we got to see the DEA do a demonstration with their learjets how they force a plane down. An A10 Warhawk (also known as a tank killer) Fat Albert(for those not familiar with SeaFair it is the Blue Angels support plane)and of course the BLUE ANGELS!!!!! YeaH!!!! oh yeah the Red Baron was there too and the Coast Guard, and those pesky Hydros lol. Went to the Grand-in-laws on Sunday ate lots of food made a bellydancing belt/collar for my Sis-in-law's dog she was all excited will load it up with my other pics I will be adding soon. I have mastered the weave of Elfweave and I am currently making a belt of it and possibly a bracelet. My son is getting married next weekend so this week is going to be chaos.

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Written about Monday 2008-07-14
Written: (4242 days ago)

Mayhem Fest was HOT (tends to be that way in July), but was also awesome with a bit more practice could possibly replace Ozzfest or at least fill in the void. Went with Neferoth, Nazarath, Erishkigal, Rayvenn, and some friends. Nef was off Moshing whenever he could or running around doing the FREE HUGS with Rayvenn, and Colton. Nazarath has a new tatoo, courtesy of Erishkigal (very well done)maybe he will post some pics for everyone to see. One critique, I liked how you had access to the lawn at the Gorge as soon as the gates opened. At Whiteriver the gates opened at 2 but the lawn didn't open till 5pm there were other stages going but limited places to sit and get out of the sun so we roasted. By the end of the night I swear Nef was going to need traction but he was fine, Disturbed and Slipknot were awesome and would go see them again.

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