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Written about Tuesday 2011-07-19
Written: (2558 days ago)

Louis Wain

I discovered Louis Wain randomly. There have been a few posters floating around on the internet with a brief story about his increasing madness and how it affected his art. This was my first encounter with his work: http://www.schizophrenia.org/artist.html . But it doesn't take much actual research to question the lay story about Wain. Apparently, Wain didn't really paint those pictures in chronological order - his doctor arranged them that way. He could get published more easily if he wrote a study that "made sense" to the aristo-scientific community, and "making sense" meant that the less "normal" pictures had to occur as Wain became more schizophrenic. This was a post-Victorian culture obsessed with normality, and afraid of anything unusual.* It didn't matter that Wain drew plenty of "normal" pictures late in his life, or that his mother's work with carpets might have inspired him to try abstract designs.

I think the real scientists already know that Wain's study was pseudo-science, but they don't bother exposing that to web surfers. It's a pity. What we do have on him perpetuates fear of mental illness and of plain old uniqueness in art. I, for one, like Wain's abstract work better than his Beatrix-Potter-inspiring ones. If being sane means that you can't play with colours and form, than maybe normality isn't all it's cracked up to be.

*Compare how England lauded Hannah Snell in the 1700s to how they institutionalized Dorothy Lawrence after WWI. Don't want to search? I'll let on that both are transgendered(?) women.
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Written about Monday 2010-08-16
Written: (2896 days ago)

I've switched browsers from Opera to Firefox. Opera has trouble viewing some sites I frequent. I will try returning to it and its superior content-blocking every few versions.

I've moved in with a history student pc gamer, webnamed Ronin, Ronin777, and such.

I've joined the North Bay Choral Society.

I've volunteered for Wynterblue Publishing. See www.wynter.ca

I'm learning how to crochet.

I've become semi-active on the Elfwood Forums and even submitted a bit to Elfwood.

I've played Team Fortress 2, The Incredible Machine, Minecraft, Robot Unicorn Attack, League of Legends, Super Mario Galaxy, Lostwinds, and Puzzle Pirates. I'm stopping playing League of Legends because of all the whiners and trolls.

I've quit University and come back.

I've disappeared from WritersCo, too.

I've forgotten how to draw.

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Written about Thursday 2006-12-28
Written: (4223 days ago)

Conversation With A Too Vintage Gamer

<Kiddalee> Guys, is there a Playstation 3 or something?
<Solenna> ...
<Solenna> yes.
<Raindance> umm... yes
<Kiddalee> When did that come out?
<Amoryl> indeed
<Amoryl> like 2 years ago
<Amoryl> where've you been?
<Kiddalee> Oh, did it really?
<Solenna> can I join the rock you live under? it sounds nice. :P

(from #lothlorien of the EsperNet IRC network) - Crossposted w/Writersco

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Written about Monday 2005-12-12
Written: (4604 days ago)

Old Updates

April 23, 2006
•Now that Elftron is capable of scheduled self-messaging, the Nag Me service is obsolete, and so I've closed it.
April 8, 2006
Stupid Pasted Things is part of a new movement against all the stupid things that too many people are pasting into their bios.
March 28, 2006
•I'm back! Whee!
March 20, 2006
•Whee! Today is Writersco's first anniversary!
•I know I just left, but I am going to be off the internet for 1 full week after tonight to hopefully get off an addiction that is getting in the way of my homework.
March 17, 2006
•I'm back! Wootsters! Oh... and I wasn't around to see my poem get on Mainstreet. Hmm...
March 11, 2006
•I'll be gone until Wednesday or Thursday. Have fun without me.
February 18, 2006
•This may anger you: http://virtuelvis.com/archives/2006/02/microsoft-censoring-msn-messenger
•You can view the works in progress that will be prizes for the Trochaic Poetry Contest at Kidda's Elftownized Images.
February 7, 2006
•I'm back!
February 2, 2006
•Thanks goes to [I pretend for your sake] for giving me the idea for reason #9 in Why Good Grammar?
•I'll be gone from tomorrow until Monday, so I'll be sending my Nag Me messages earlier tomorrow. The reason why I'm saying this now is that I don't know if I'll have time to do anything else by then.
If you want me to nag you with an Elftown message every week, go look. No, really, some people are on Elftown so much that they need an Elftown message nagging them to do something.
January 30, 2006
•Please help [Vampyre Wolf] move a dog across the US! See her house for more info.
January 28, 2006
•I've created Great Bios to help give people some sort of template to follow instead of just form after useless irrelevant form.
•YaY! I sent my first Nag Me letter! If you want me to nag you with an Elftown message every week, go look. No, really, some people are on Elftown so much that they need an Elftown message nagging them to do something.
•I've been very busy on Writersco. By the way, I can invite you there if you like.
•I've created Great Bios to help give people some sort of template to follow instead of just form after useless irrelevant form.
January 24, 2006
•Please sign the Baby rapist patition to put the sickos who did it away for longer than 2-6 years. I mean, getting raped before the age of 5 causes a kid some serious mental illnesses, and this one was just a baby; probably physically harmed as well as mentally.
•Alright, the Trochaic Poetry Contest is back on. If you would like me to nag you to enter, tell me on Nag Me.
January 21, 2006
•Free reminder service at Nag Me!
•What timing... someone now wants to enter the Trochaic Poetry Contest? We'll see...
January 18, 2006
•Alright, I give up. I'm no longer maintaining the Trochaic Poetry Contest. It's been around for over two months, and no bite. Even if someone entered now, they'd be disappointed to see noone coming in after them.
January 4, 2006
•The Trochaic Poetry Contest's rules are a little more lenient: you may now have one place reserved, and you can have up to two entries.
•I've changed the way the Jazz Mini-Encyclopedia is run so now you can just impulse-write an article without talking to me about it.
December 25, 2005
•There's been a new reason on Why Good Grammar? for the past five days (thanks for #8, [aphrodizzeeack]), but last time I posted the update, I misspelled the wiki name.
December 20, 2005
•I've added a new rule (#8) to Why Good Grammar?. Thanks goes to [aphrodizzeeack]. (updated from forgetting the queston mark)
December 25, 2005
•The "How To Change The Way Elfpack Looks" part of the wiki, elfpack, has been updated to include more stylesheets that are especially for Elfpack.
December 11, 2005
•Go to Elfpack for reasons why to join it. Yep, I logged into Elfpack, did some research on it, and added reasons for its coolness to the wiki page.
December 7, 2005
•A new wiki for the community: Wyvern's Writers United. The demand for this type of wiki simply had not been filled yet. I'm surprised.
•I've published a new wiki page, Healing In Elftown. Please visit! It's important!
•From here on in, I'll be reporting anyone who asks me to cyber. The only reason why I wasn't doing it before was because I didn't know if the Elftown rules were strict enough to merit me doing so.
December 5, 2005
•YaY! I'm back!
December 1, 2005
Astaire, Fred is my newest article in the Jazz Mini-Encyclopedia. YaY!
•The Trochaic Poetry Contest is still open!
•I'll be gone to a friend's house for the weekend. They have the internet, but come on! I'm not a good guest if I web surf all day. I'll see you Monday.
November 19, 2005
•Finally, my first article for the Jazz Mini-Encyclopedia is up.
•I've cancelled a lot of relations, specifically with people who haven't been active for months or who I never talk to anywhere any more.
•I haven't recorded the dates for previous updates, okay?

(I will add here whenever I feel like my updates are getting outdated.)

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Written about Wednesday 2005-11-23
Written: (4623 days ago)

Last night I slept from 4pm-5:30am.

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Written about Sunday 2005-11-13
Written: (4632 days ago)

I've started a contest. It's the Trochaic Poetry Contest. The rhythm for trochaic poetry is, "Bumpa bumpa bumpa!" It's fun. Please enter?

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Written about Saturday 2005-11-05
Written: (4640 days ago)

My sister is annoying. One can hardly fathom the measure to which she is. And she likes to tell me how smart she is. Just leave me alone and let me type! You think she'd notice that she's overstayed her welcome, but she prefers not to think it's possible for anyone not to welcome her, and claims such people are socially inept. All of them. Because "socially inept" is a big word for her, and she's proud to say it.
She's 25, and hangs out with 18-year-olds. She knows she's immature, too. She's got this ego-defense where she keeps talking about how boring people her age who have grown up are. And I hardly dare introduce any of my new friends to her. She'll charm them away from me, even those who hate materialism such as hers.

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Written about Monday 2004-09-06
Written: (5065 days ago)

I added a recipe for Play Dough to my RecipeCardBinder in TheStorageRoom.

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Written about Tuesday 2004-07-20
Written: (5113 days ago)

  The closest thing I have ever gotten to a fandom is in my wiki page, DreadedShrinks. However, it's more true than not. Please read it; it's not riddled with spoilers except for one relatively important one, but as Roald Dahl's book The Twits is so lighthearted, I wouldn't expect that particular spoiler to matter anyways (what matters more is how it happened --which I don't give away -- not what happened).
 It's not really a story, but a formal description of the disease called the DreadedShrinks as it manifests itself in the real world.

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Written about Wednesday 2004-06-23
Written: (5140 days ago)

It's been a while, hasn't it?
GAAA! There's no school. That means there's nothing to do. GAAA! Scary.
Hey... I think I actually have given myself the "dreaded shrinks".... hrrrm.... Now to find a cure!!

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Written about Wednesday 2004-06-23
Written: (5140 days ago)


Kiddalee has decided to crosspost her entry beginning with "My charm stinks" into her Lj.
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Written about Saturday 2004-06-05
Written: (5158 days ago)

Sometimes, when I go to look at comment lists, this is what I see:
"Firstly i'd like to say that those criticising you should try and see if they could do better."
How annoying. How ignorant. How childish. How common.
Just because you are not an expert in the field of art that you are critiquing, it doesn't mean that you don't know what makes a good work of art!
You idiot! I'd like to say this: Those criticising critics should try and see if they can take a useful critique.

This applies to everything: Singing, cooking, dancing, visual art, poetry, storytelling...

You idiot.

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Written about Tuesday 2004-04-13
Written: (5212 days ago)

My charm stinks.
Just remember:
"Charm is decietful and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears THE LORD is to be praised."
My beauty rocks.
Am I overconfident?
But my charm stinks...

I've been on for FAR too long.

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Written about Sunday 2004-04-11
Written: (5214 days ago)

And here am I storing the name of my personal wiki: TheStorageRoom.

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Written about Saturday 2004-04-03
Written: (5222 days ago)

I created...
This forum: <joinforum:628:canuck> (Oh Canada)
And this wiki Oh Canada.
The wiki is supposed to explain why the forum would be any better than a waste of time.

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Written about Wednesday 2004-03-17
Written: (5239 days ago)

In the news lately...
Forum view by thread
Now the view-by thread-view of the forums has links like these:

Oldest postings 1 Newest postings

But I still recommend people to use the go-to-next-posting way of reading the forums. The thread view is only good for catching up in a new forum.

Date: 2004-03-09 14:26:07
News #: 196
Reporter: Hedda

Since I love showing off, and all...

Thread [56261]

But the web euphoria has already worn off. I had it when I first saw the news, sure.
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Written about Monday 2004-02-02
Written: (5283 days ago)

First read Posting #[21429]
Got it? Then go here:

Posting #[105799]...
A little more about me...

0) [Kiddalee]
1) Yepps
2) alright
3) Robotech, I was only ten and didn't know that it was anime. I just thought it was a "smarter" brand of cartoon. And I loved it.
4) Cartoon Network got me into Robotech, but I learned the term "anime" from God-knows-which of my older sister's 10000 boyfriends
5) 7 years
6) Now I call it "animation for smart people" instead of "cartoon for smart people". I'm also bitter that the well-translated or dubbed stuff is so rare.
7) Big heavy philosophical epics. I tend to miss too many episodes of the less heavy epics to enjoy them. Those which are less epic are wonderful.
8) I'll have to look that up, dear.
9) No
10) No opinion...
11) Brendan Fraser, Jack Nicholson... erm... I feel like I need one more!
12) Reign: The Conqueror (big heavy philosophical epic with a prime number of episodes, and if you've seen it you'll at least have an idea why that is significant), Cowboy Bebop (light-seeming philosophical non-epic occasionally covering heavy what-ifs), and Gundam Wing (big, less heavy than Reign, but still very heavy, philosophical epic)

Edit for question 11: My third choice is Whoopie Goldberg
 The logged in version 

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