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Written about Wednesday 2005-09-21
Written: (5878 days ago)

Ok. Well lets see just how much anger I can get out of my system right now. My life sucks just from the simple fact that everytime I try to acomplish something, someone comes along and goes "No! You can't do that." This pisses me off. I try to plan a weekend to relax and it gets canceled. I try to finish stuff early and people give me more stuff to do. Why, for just once in a while, can the things I want to do and complete get done. Why does someone have to come along and always rain on my parade. i just wish this whole stinking thing we call exsistence would just do me the favor and try to work with me a little bit. It doesn't have to spite everything i try to do. Ok...A little less angry now. Back to doing H.W. again....

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Written about Tuesday 2004-09-21
Written: (6243 days ago)

Ok, Hmm. My life at the moment consists of only a few things. Calc III, General Physics II, elftown, and sleep. Basically no life. But such is the life of a would be scientist. I am really writing in here just so I can say I contributed something to my diary. I am not one to do the whole emotional thing. More of the emotionless type. Well, that's it for right now. Night.

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