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Written about Saturday 2011-10-22
Written: (3048 days ago)

Ok so I really don't care if my friends that are girls that I have known for years change in front of me,but some random girl I've only known for like a week decides to get completely naked in front of me,my besty and elizabeth and she walked around the room like this for a while before one of our coaches came to our room. It was very disturbing and she did this more than once. All I can say is ewww!
I mean seriously how hard is it to keep clothes on around people you barely know? Oh and the other thing besides her laugh that bothered me was the fact that she doesn't watch Family Guy and decided to keep repeating this and adding "Because I'm christian" Well I'm christian and I still watch Family Guy,so she just needs to keep her opions to herself and butt out of other peoples conversations.
I'm so sore and I got rushed hard by some guy on another team and he slammed into my shoulder which now hurts even more because I fell on it today. Thanks to all the nasty mud at the fields in Warren. 

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Written about Monday 2011-10-17
Written: (3053 days ago)

Well my team the Gremlins are going to Bay City today to play against their team. I'm hoping I don't get too many more bruises. I still have the two on my arms from when we played Roscommon's team. But I'm just happy that this is our last game. We get to go to the State Soccer Tournament on Friday and won't be home until sometime Saturday. According to my besty we get medals this time instead of ribbons.
I'm just happy that I will be working next month, it's hard to find work here!

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