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Written about Thursday 2003-03-13
Written: (6793 days ago)

13 Eil-Esparde, 1654th Asden Getera

Oh, what foul opposition to my muse! How far from what I should have written-- would have written had I been in control of mine own circumstance...
But alas, I come to wonder: were I still in Mesalanera, what evil would I have written instead?

Eylan Eisterian
Written in the Logbook of the Elven Galleon Rebellious Cosmos on its final voyage to Mesalanera.

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Written about Sunday 2003-03-02
Written: (6804 days ago)

2 Eil-Esparde, 1654th Asden Getera
On board the Rebellious Cosmos

I have taken passage on board an Elven Galleon called Rebellious Cosmos and have become good friends with her captain, a mysterious elf my the name of Medarin Jaediir. Although I have known him for two weeks now, I still know very little about him... execpt that he cannot go home.
This, I know, troubles him greatly though he refuses to admit it. I try to talk with him but he keeps himself locked within his cabin most nights and during the times when we visit, sharing tales and song, he will not speak of the past.
Then there is the painting upon his wall, covered always with dark velvet. I don't understand him. Why is he tormenting himself by keeping something that no doubt accentuates his suffering? What lies beneath the black velvet covering his heart?

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Written about Thursday 2003-02-27
Written: (6807 days ago)

27 Lohv-Iveye, 1654th Asden Getera

Ah, wandering in the faded footsteps on mine own peace of mind. Can any quest be more difficult, I wonder. My journey has brought me nearly full circle and once again I find myself at the crossroads. Change is once again on the horizon and I find myself wondering, why cannot the world remain the same forever? Simple. Peaceful. Is it selfish to wish for such a thing? Well, is it?

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Written about Tuesday 2003-02-18
Written: (6815 days ago)

18 Lohv-Iveye, 1654th Asden Getera

I arrived in an interesting village today. It was bright and cheerful, but also dark and mysterious, but the people seem friendly enough. I wonder, if perhaps I can find peace here... for a time, anyways.
I havn't heard any news of Father, nor of my faraway home; I can only hope things havn't gotten worse...

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