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Written about Wednesday 2019-01-30
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Hey.. does this place still exist? I always come back and peek here and there. It feels like a lifetime ago... but here I am.
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Written about Saturday 2008-07-19
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merc2772 (8:31:10 PM): The vampire looked down at the boy, almost blinking with astonishment when his attitude changed suddenly. He looked down to the other, nodding slowly. "Yes, freedom...you'll be away from here forever...you'll just have to come with me, live in my place and do a few things that I ask you to do." Gaze swept over the boy, but this time it was different, it could have even been called warm and welcoming, perhaps a little friendly. He smiled, faintly, but still smiled to the boy, hand extending slowly and opening from him. "Come out of there and leave this place with me...I'll give you a good home." His voice was soft, inviting.
Die of Hearts (8:35:57 PM): Slowly the boy crawled from beneath the bed, crouching on all fours to stare at the canine offering him his freedom and chance to escape the living hell. Slender hand reached out, taking the open paw gently."I'm finally going to be away from here, I'll have a home..."..
merc2772 (8:37:35 PM): Faulkyn gently pulled his hand, helping him come out from under the bed, letting the peice of furniture down when the other was completly free of it. He straightened up slightly, looking down to the other and nodding. "Yes, you'll have a home..." He started towards the door, turning when he got to it. "Like I have already stated, you are to call me Master or Sir...now, what is your name? What is it that you go by?"
Die of Hearts (8:40:51 PM): Standing up he fell quite shorter then the tall man, making it so he had to roll crystal blues up along with head to be able to meet him in the eye. A weak smile came onto his face, imagining his new home already. He was so busy thinking about it, he didn't realize the happiness blooming in his expression. "Y-yes sir!" He chimed then went to open his mouth but fell silent.
merc2772 (8:43:33 PM): Faulkyn looked to the other as he seemed to have ignored his question. He shrugged it off slightly, simply content with the fact that the male had already called him sir, and with absolutley no breaking needed. He knocked on the window to the door and was soon let out by the worker, walking by him, making sure the boy was by his side, arm on his back, pushing him foreward slightly. He called back to the worker without looking to him. "I can find my way out...you'll get your payment in the morning." He brought the male upstairs and past the receptionist, outside his car was still waiting for him. He opened the passenger door for the boy, waiting for him to enter.
Die of Hearts (8:47:02 PM): The boy followed eagerly, the ony hesitation in his fotsteps that of him stalling so he could be beside the one rescueing him from the wretched asylum, he couldn't wait to see his home. "Whats it like at..." He paused a moment, finding it awkward to say. "Home....? Is it big? Is it nice? Do you have any pets?" Sitting into the pssanger side of the car he looked out before the door was shut. "Will I have my own room?"
merc2772 (8:50:23 PM): The vampire walked around the car and sat in the driver's side before talking, he started the car and looked to the other. "I think you'll like it...it isn't much but it's home." When the pet question was asked his ears flicked slightly, almost in the act of lowering, before he shook his head. "No, I have no pets, you're the first one for me, very glad that I have you." He drove out the the main road, heading off towards his castle. "And yes, if you wish, I can have a room made up for you, the way you want it."
Die of Hearts (8:55:10 PM): Something hit the boy hard, making him sit still before looking up to the driver and staring at him with knitted brows. "Wait..... What do you mean by... Your the first one for me. I'm not a pet...." He was confused, although the news of having his own room however he wanted it was exciting, he didn't understand. Suddenly something in the boy seemed to snap, and his eyes returned to their wide state, begining to panic and breath quickly. "NO PET!"
merc2772 (8:58:12 PM): The vampire started to nod when the boy started to speak, he jumped when the other yelled suddenly, almost sending the car into the ditch. He panted slightly, frowning and looking to the other. "What the hell did you yell for? Of course you're going to be my pet, I didn't take you out of there so I could simply care for you...you're going to have duties just like a pet would."
Die of Hearts (9:02:32 PM): Hypervenelating he began to claw at the windows, jerking around to undo the seatblt on his waist and roll down the windo,trying to crawl out of it. "No! NO! GO BACK! TAKE ME BACK! NO PET!!!" Getting half his body out the window.
merc2772 (9:04:07 PM): The male blinked when the boy started to crawl out the window. He growled slightly, hand reaching out and grasping onto his neck, pulling him back into the seat. "WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?" He rolled the window back up, pulling the seatbelt back down. "Don't do that again or the punishment with be severe." He huffed slightly, focusing on the road once more, looking back to the boy ever few seconds
Die of Hearts (9:07:27 PM): Screaming at the top of his lungs when he was grabbed he fell back into the seat. Claws raked down window once again, trying to free himself from what he saw as his certain doom. "WANT UT! LET OUT!!" he continued t shriek as he was strapped back down. Ears folde back against his head, lip quivering, tears begining to swell in the corner of his eyes.
merc2772 (9:08:54 PM): Faulkyn continued to drive, he came to the gates of his castle and pressed the button for them to open, slowly the male moved up the driveway and to the front door, parking in front of it slightly and turning off the car. He looked to the boy slightly, arm moving to the back of the seat. "Well, this is your new home....what do you think?"
Die of Hearts (9:12:24 PM): Eyes jerked, staring out the window to the large building, gawking at it in awe. Although his heart beated furiously and fearfully in his chest he seemed to forget abut the conversation just seconds ago. "Out....?" He put palms against the glass, turning and contorting in his seat trying to get loose.
merc2772 (9:14:27 PM): The male stood and left the car, closing the door behind him before moving to the passenger side. He slowly opened the door and then moved to unbuckle the belt. The vampire moved back slightly, door still open, wondering a little bit what the other would do. He stood ready on the end of his feet, prepared to take off after the other should he run
Die of Hearts (9:16:22 PM): Run was exactly what he did, jumping from the seat he bolted off down the drive way, running as fast as he could with black tail dancing behind his rear as he fled. His heart jumped into his throat as he fled, looking back over his shoulder to see if the canid was after him.
merc2772 (9:19:23 PM): Faulkyn, being a vampire, had inherited a few traits when he was born. The male caught up to the other in what seemed lest then a second, gloved paw wrapping around his neck once more, stopping him from going any further. "You ran...bad choice...you're going to get punished now." He gripped tightly onto the other and began to pull him back to the entrance, grip vice like around his neck.
Die of Hearts (9:22:01 PM): Choking loudly when the hand seemingly came out of nowhere and grabbed his neck he began to choke, falling backwards as his body kept going but his neck was held behind. Writhing on the ground, hissing as he was drug all the way to the entrence of the castle by his neck. By the time they reached it he was laying still with a scrapped back, gasping for air and lolling head.

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