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Written about Tuesday 2019-01-01
Written: (1235 days ago)

Saddly my two weeks away from school is coming to a close. On the 7th is time to hit the books again. I have high hopes for the coming term, but we will see how it goes. I've managed to get some art done and I'm hoping to have the story I'm working on finished by the time I go back to class. Heres hoping for a great 2019.

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Written about Saturday 2018-08-18
Written: (1371 days ago)

Well so much for my plan of doing a pic every day for my term. Things have been so hecktic and with failing my LIT class I havent had time to mess with art. I think next term ill try agian only maybe doing one or two pics per week.

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Written about Friday 2018-07-06
Written: (1414 days ago)

I keep forgetting to not get so caught up in school that I'm don't do anything else. So I have decided to do one picture per day for the the rest of this term.

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Written about Monday 2013-03-04
Written: (3365 days ago)

its been a while. i'm back on here but i have due to DA giving me flack over pics of emeni cancled my account. so my DA no longer works and i will put everything up here. the pic of emeni in color is new i just did it last night... most of last night... got little sleep because of it.... ~Emeni

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Written about Saturday 2011-06-11
Written: (3997 days ago)

ok so i cant currently get on my pc so i have to us my moms witch means i will not be able to up date my DA as much as I would like so i will do what i can when i can

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Written about Friday 2011-04-01
Written: (4067 days ago)

Yea i finally got my prints up on devinatart im so happy http://kinuhana.deviantart.com/

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