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Written about Wednesday 2009-08-19
Written: (4440 days ago)

New apartment, city and school, cant really get it. I did made a future for my self, even if ive almost killed myself in the process. The world is made of goo and can be re-programmed but its far more dangerous then it seems.

Now i will have two years of ....dont know but it sure will be fun!

My new apartment is huge, my neigbours is nice and everything is just wonderful. =]

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Written about Sunday 2009-06-28
Written: (4493 days ago)

Its a insane warm summer now after all these cold rainy days and I have just reasently got a 'normal' life. I can say goodbye to my confused past now when my accident has been almost solved, ten years after the day I flew from a small trucks hud ten meters into the forest. And then did I came into the school ive wanted and worked for. The feeling is rather weird, cant get myself to understand that I'm finally free to do something with my life and that Its possible to make it too.

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Written about Monday 2009-01-05
Written: (4667 days ago)

A new year has come, resistance is futile. Holiday has gone away and the work is gathering, a slight feel of panic rushes through my spline. I have to do my best. I always try to be better but would it be enough this year.

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Written about Sunday 2008-06-01
Written: (4884 days ago)

Today i was sad, it might be creapy but i liked the feeling i had this day. There isnt to often sadness could be a relief. So i write alittle about it. I woke up this morning, took a walk around my apartment and just didnt had any motivation to clean up or doing anything really. It felt strange, like a dream. I didnt wanted anything more then just being around, i put on my favorite animé and watch it until the end for the fourth time. I felt sadness, and i was completly happy about it.

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Written about Saturday 2008-04-12
Written: (4935 days ago)

Tonight i will try to write a bit of my life these past days in my very own confused way. First time in years i wrote here. Even the first time i am accual writing something longer then notices here. XD

Update on ET
I am currently planning to make a huge update to my house and if its possible a 3D art wiki too. By the way, my 3D studio, Clownjam needs to get a new homepage. *wont tell the adress until its done nyah* Aah man when do i get time for that. > <

Walk in the night, im creepy and sad wohoo
Two days ago i got my self in some kind of flashback and felt sadness in my heart, again. But for the first time in my life i had never felt more alone. So i took a walk that night to see the snow coming down and dreaming while stareing at the none visible sky. The first i saw when exit the apartment was two kids with all there love and romantic illusion kissing in the middle of the night. I walked passed by, like a deamon i left behind a dark cloud of creepyness that made them uncomfortable while im disapeared into the darkness. ^^'

My daily life of vicious goo
Today i woke up, i felt my self tired and a bit hungry. I walked to my computer, looked at my test render, it was terrible but possible to fix. After lunch i worked with animations, then i did get my self some motions down to town. When i finnaly got back home, did i fixed all lightning, camera setups and began to render for real. So happy, its done after four weeks. I have now only let the computer render for around 37 hours, thats funny becouse the video it self is only 42 seconds long. Someday i might put it out at youtube. =P

Tomorrow it goes off to the forest, shooting plastic pellets at people in airsoft should be nice after all this work in front of my computer. naah need air, need nature before ill go insane! So bye bye, now im to sleepy to write anymore weird stuff!!

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Written about Saturday 2004-11-06
Written: (6188 days ago)

AAAaarrgh one of my hard drive has been killed by winXP ... hate new OS ... it schould be Amiga workbench ^^

Got no files recover. -so all my homepages are dead for all time!!
Lost 20GB of its storage capability but half disk space are fine....

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Written about Thursday 2004-04-15
Written: (6393 days ago)

I have put up a new drawing how i made on the night to today becouse i didnt whanted to sleep. Quite weird and sad tho !!

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Written about Thursday 2004-02-12
Written: (6456 days ago)

Have begin with an comic ... so for now i will see how long im gonna keep it up !!

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Written about Wednesday 2003-12-31
Written: (6498 days ago)

Now i have make some more drawings.
I have scanned them and upload them.

Just waiting to get a ticket number!

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Written about Friday 2003-12-12
Written: (6517 days ago)

wee, one more drawing ready to be scanned !!! :)

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Written about Thursday 2003-12-11
Written: (6518 days ago)

must draw ... must draw ... must draw
but i never gets time do that.
...ZeRo new drawings, thats not good at all! :(

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Written about Wednesday 2003-12-10
Written: (6519 days ago)

Today i got fever, 38.8 degrees.
Oh no its not so good!
At least i get more time to draw then before :)

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