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Written about Sunday 2005-03-27
Written: (5615 days ago)

One of the writings for a song that I could have done with the people from Breda. But It wasn't my type of music so......

The scene of the war within, without the war around….

I glide on dessert plains.
Still I’m not alone.
Feel the air is cold.
Uncertain future unfolds!
I can hear the cries of the lost,
Finding their bodies covered with frost.
Their just new numbers on the paper list.
Un- justice has struck upon them with its fist.
I’m doing anything I can, to prevent
The event that happens with its cruel intent.
Still many friends become a number.
Number instead of name!

Open up fire!
Walk in the line!
Enter the stage!
Put in your wage!
The scene with war around, where only gunfire sounds
Keep un Running!
Don’t look back!
Another number!
More lost friends!
A page with war around, where the death is found.

Water crawls over the blooded shore.
There is no need for.
Move over this graveyard beach.
Cleared of what it teaches.
The rain of doom comes down from the cliffs.
Its not human nature that suddenly forgives.
Only the strongest is the one who lives.
Speeding to speed up the speeded time.
Everyone there could hear the bells chime.
Spreading through air their melancholic Rhyme.
Announcing the harsh and devastating climb.
To climb the rocks of blood.

Spill your Blood!
Load up your gun!
Cold blood Killer!
Merciless Man!
A place with war around, where decay is found.
Free the beast!
Let it feast!
Destroy them all!
More and More!
A path with war around, without a save surround.

The pressure is pushing me to give into this.
Into the rage of the inner hideous beast.
My self-control is fastening increasing.
I’m walking on ice that is much too thin.
I can’t prevent the gates from open up.
And then unleash the darkness that lurks inside.

The scene has changed, the war is flown away.
In my inner self, the war is still the game to play.
And I see the numbers flash before my eyes.
Remembering all those evil torturing lies.
All my dreams are plagued by the ones who’ re lost.
So never enter this scene cause now you know the costs

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Written about Friday 2005-03-11
Written: (5631 days ago)

Tommorow, i'm going to sing with a band from Breda, I hope they like my voice, I've given tree of their numbers lyrics and vocal lines already.

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Written about Saturday 2005-02-26
Written: (5644 days ago)

Still very sick, I think the flue epidemic strikes on me now!!!


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