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Written about Monday 2010-02-22
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saturday was my brothers birthday :\17 already... Lol
i caught a virus so i wasnt really in a good mood... i spent sunday alone... LOl think my house is haunted by the way... hehe :S. i was really lonely so i went onto MSN no-one was online haha so sunday was the worst day ever! MARK!! GRRR! i give up trying... :\

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Written about Monday 2010-02-15
Written: (4358 days ago)

yeah so... funny story

i was shopping in antrim a few days ago and i was in a clothes store and micheal jackson-beat it came on the radio... there was this little kid sitting in her pram and she started to cry at the song... hehe maybe he haunts her! :S anyway so i started laughing because she was crying at that perv (no offence to you mj fans out there) and then she stopped crying and laughed at me... LOl it was funny ^^... you had to be there, i thought it was funny but my aunt just looked at me like i was ill... she was a fan of his you see... :S he creeps me out... soooo scary! hehe ^^

so yea i had a good weekend just for that reason hehe, valentines was boring as always. i just stayed home ^^ Lol.

im off school now untill wednesday though! which is a plus! ^^ i get to shop and be lazy for and extra 2 days woooo! hehe...

hope everyone else had a lovely weekend! let me know how valentines went for you all!

see ya! ^^)

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