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Written about Friday 2009-07-10
Written: (3362 days ago)

People who call vampires and werewolves "Night-walker or Lycanthropes" just to sound mature and cool are giant douche bags. End of story.

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Written about Friday 2009-07-03
Written: (3369 days ago)

So I was tagged by [NOOOPE] to do one of those character questioners. She picked the characters. 

1. Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
2. Make them answer the following questions.
3. Then tag three people.
4. Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself

Tobias Owens
Helena Howl
Violet W.
Ezra Sarab
Thadeous Lancer

Hello everyone. I have a few questions to ask all of you.
Tobias Owens: Sweet.
Helena Howl: Ask away, Sugar.
Violet W.: I really am not comfortable with this.......fine.
Ezra Sarab: Bien.
Thadeous Lancer: What? Questions? Oh, jolly good!

How old are you?
Tobias Owens: 34 and proud of it.
Helena Howl: A lady never reveals her true age, Honey. 
Violet W.: 23
Ezra Sarab: I will soon be 27.
Thadeous Lancer: Well, I'm not really sure. I was 30 but what with all the dimensional travel it all depends on what time period I land in. Sometimes I haven't even been born yet and sometimes I'm 150. It's all up in the air.

What do you like to eat?
Tobias Owens: Halva. I could eat that shit by the brick.
Helena Howl: I'm a New England girl so almost all seafood is wonderful. I really like oysters and Lobster.
Violet W.: Fruit.... of any kind.
Ezra Sarab: I eat a lot of ethnic food. My favorite is shish kabob's and egyptian moussaka.
Thadeous Lancer: Generally I enjoy the classic English fare, you know. Kippers, Steak and Kidney pie, soft boiled eggs. But lately I have discovered a delightful little thing called potato chips. They are dried slices of potato which are salted then seasoned with a variety of flavors. They are really quite amazing. 

Do you have any interesting traits?
Tobias Owens: When my hair gets long it turns into a pretty awesome jewfro. I have long fingers too. Great for reaching tenths on my piano.
Helena Howl: I'm double jointed.
Violet W.: It's none of your concern.
Ezra Sarab: Because of all my dance training I am very flexible
Thadeous Lancer: Oh, hmmm......... Well, I can't see without my glasses but that really is more inconvenient then interesting.

Are you a virgin?
Tobias Owens: Not since the tenth grade.
Helena Howl: Awww Sweetie, what do you think?
Violet W.: None of your business!
Ezra Sarab: No.
Thadeous Lancer: Well....uhmm......that's a bit personal, don't you think?

Who's your mate/spouse?
Tobias Owens: I am currently available. 
Helena Howl: Anyone who's up for a good time. 
Violet W.: It is to dangerous to get emotionally close to people.
Ezra Sarab: Jasper is my lover.
Thadeous Lancer: Unfortunately I have yet to find my perfect someone. 

Have you killed anyone?
Tobias Owens: I'm not big on violence.
Helena Howl: A few people. Mostly bandits and thieves that attacked my dig sights. But my company has good lawyers, so it's fine.
Violet W.: That's classified information.
Ezra Sarab: Heavens, no!
Thadeous Lancer: Once, but it was in self defense. I threw up afterwards.

Do you hate anyone?
Tobias Owens:
Helena Howl:
Violet W.:
Ezra Sarab:
Thadeous Lancer:

Have any secrets?
Tobias Owens:
Helena Howl:
Violet W.:
Ezra Sarab:
Thadeous Lancer:

Do you love anyone?
Tobias Owens:
Helena Howl:
Violet W.:
Ezra Sarab:
Thadeous Lancer:

What do you do to relax?
Tobias Owens:
Helena Howl:
Violet W.:
Ezra Sarab:
Thadeous Lancer:

What would you consider to be fun?
Tobias Owens:
Helena Howl:
Violet W.:
Ezra Sarab:
Thadeous Lancer:

I will finish this later tonight.....

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Written about Sunday 2008-12-21
Written: (3563 days ago)
Previous in thread: 1059614 from Viking to Crankychangeling


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Written about Thursday 2008-11-20
Written: (3594 days ago)
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Store in a cool dry play....

Possible new story. Will continue with this later.

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Written about Tuesday 2008-11-04
Written: (3610 days ago)

So I compromised my morals and watched an episode of True Blood on HBO. I came to this conclusion.....True Blood= Vampires and Rednecks. Two things I absolutely hate. 

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Written about Tuesday 2008-10-14
Written: (3631 days ago)
Next in thread: 1059614

So I got bit by a spider at a family bonfire on Sunday.  Aside from being really creepy the wound hurts one minute then itches like nobodies business the next. I'm still holding out hope though that the spider was radioactive and that my awesome new spider powers will develop soon...... ^_-

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Written about Sunday 2008-10-12
Written: (3633 days ago)

Gods! I really hate stupid, immature, obnoxious, prosaic, asinine humans. They are such a waste of air and space and LIFE.

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Written about Monday 2008-07-28
Written: (3709 days ago)

Today I will love you,
tomorrow I won't.
This morning I need you,
by evening I don't.

So please Love don't linger,
remain here or stay.

Work in progress. I don't know why. I hate Love poems, but these few phrases have been on repeat all evening in my head so I had to rid myself of them.

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Written about Wednesday 2008-05-28
Written: (3770 days ago)

What the fuck is up with this tweener/teen obsession with Vampires!? They are not even that cool! I mean, Stocker rocks hard core because his book is a classic, and Rice is okay even though she basically beat that literary horse to death. But that's about it. Listen people, if you are going to write and/or obsess over something, then do a little background research. Don't just jump onto the lame-ass band wagon. Read the damn historical legends, get your facts straight, don't try to be overly innovative because there is a fine fine line between innovation and stupidity, and please Please PLEASE take a look at Bram Stoker. He's considered classic literature for a reason.  So thats that, stop wishing you were an undead, blood sucking, pasty-faced creature of the night and get a Life!  

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Written about Sunday 2008-05-18
Written: (3780 days ago)

You know? With all the idiocy floating around in the air I'm surprised my brain hasn't exploded. I've come to the conclusion that roughly 91% of the human population is useless. So we're basically all looking at a bright, bright future..........(said with an unbelievably sarcastic tone.)

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Written about Monday 2008-05-12
Written: (3786 days ago)

What the hell Hell HELL is up with the Twilight series? Oh My God! The most unoriginal plot on the face of the earth!  Vampires vs. Werewolves in a love triangle with a mortal? Jesus Christ! How lame can you fucking get? I mean that's not even creative! It's been done done done to death. 

And the fact that people are buying into it is a complete and total killer. I think of all the trees that are dying to make the paper to print that rubbish, and I cry a little.  A waste of brain cells. Seriously if that is what the youth of world are reading these days then we really are fucked. 

Not to mention it's a complete insult to the amazing authors like Neil Gaiman, Garth Nix, and J. K. Rowling who have worked hard to bring honor back to the fantasy genera through their innovation. Arrgggh! What the Hell is the world coming to!!!!!?

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Written about Saturday 2008-05-10
Written: (3787 days ago)

Alright, I've got another thing to rant about. I've probably ranted about it before but for goodness sake it really pisses me off.

So what is the deal with people writing in their bios, "if you mess with my friend/friends I'll hurt you, kill you, maim you etc.." I mean seriously, that is about the stupidest thing I have every read. This is the internet for fucks sake. There is about a 99% chance that you are never going to see these people ever! 

So what? You find out that one of your friends is being bothered. What in Merlin's name are you going to do? Track the bastard down and then hire a hit man to "snuff" them?  Nope, the most you can do is send them a pissy, un-eloquent message (because clearly you have no brains to realize that you're on the internet, let alone string a well phrased sentence together) and then report them....Ooooooh, scary.... You are such a bad ass, better watch out for you and your hard core typing skills. 

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Written about Friday 2008-05-09
Written: (3788 days ago)

School is over and I have returned home, back to a town that my brother and his best friend have renamed the Shire.

Seeing all the green, watching the flowers bloom, and going to visit the falls where the water is in full rush, I find myself agreeing with them. Oh, and I caught a couple of hobbits cutting across our field in search of mushrooms the other morning, so yeah......

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Written about Monday 2008-05-05
Written: (3793 days ago)

So my roommate is graduating in less then a week and she has been working her ass off all weekend writing paper and what not. Not to mention she is suffering for some hard core serious senioritis. So she gets back to the room today and is cleaning up and putting some food away. She puts her turkey and cheese in the fridge but little does she know that she is also holding a book in her hands and she slips it into the fridge with the rest of the food. She then proceeds to run around the apartment looking for the missing book. She finds it in the fridge much the amusing of the rest of us. Oh silly Paige...

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Written about Saturday 2008-05-03
Written: (3795 days ago)

Having wasted precious time the on the frivolous activities her age class indulged in, and feeling devastatingly old beyond her 20 years, she plunged into her task with new fervor. Working your way towards controlling the world was surprisingly tricky and time consuming, but after that enlightening evening she was beginning to feel that manipulating the masses would be simpler then first anticipated.......

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Written about Sunday 2008-04-27
Written: (3801 days ago)
Next in thread: 1026133

What the Hell is up with people taking pictures of themselves in their bathrooms. Aside from the fact that it is extremely creepy, there are several reasons why I think this is weirdly fucked up.

1.) Most bathrooms are rather ugly. 
2.) You seriously have to be fucked up in the head if you want to take a picture of yourself in the same place you make doodee. 
3.) Are you so self obsessed that you just have to take a lame ass picture of yourself in a mirror holding a camera. Clearly you have no friends or else you would have them take a picture of you someplace at least halfway cool. I mean, a picture is worth a thousand words, but a bathroom shot screams the four word phrase, "I have no life!"

Just another thing to add to the list of why humanity is so disappointing.

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Written about Friday 2008-03-21
Written: (3838 days ago)

It is so fucking cold here! Winter is never going to end!

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Written about Sunday 2008-03-09
Written: (3850 days ago)

So basically I'm bored, and in turn, my beloved characters are bored and becoming lazy. Therefore I'm thinking that I need to do some Rping. If anyone is interested please send me a message and we'll talk. 

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Written about Tuesday 2008-01-15
Written: (3903 days ago)

So school has started again......yay. Started off the semester with a lovely snow day and I haven't really worked out whether that is a good or bad omen.  Already I'm starting to hate people and I've only been back 48 hours.  So 1: I'm just in an "I hate the work, fuck you all" mood all the time.  Or 2: the people around me really are morons who need to be hit a few hundred times with a blunt object (I banking on reason number 2).

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Written about Saturday 2008-01-05
Written: (3914 days ago)

Back is fixed (so to speak) and pain pills are the shit. I will expend more on my exciting surgery when I don't feel the need to pass out.

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Written about Monday 2007-12-31
Written: (3919 days ago)

WHAT THE FUCK!  Why the fuck to you christians keep visiting my house. GO AWAY you creepy morons.

 The logged in version 

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