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Written about Saturday 2009-05-02
Written: (4047 days ago)

I look at you from this far away and safe distant.
I always will.
Not because you're radiance repels me.
I fear for my hearts safty...

I can't see how I deserve you're attention.

I love you're qualitys,
but I admire you're faults.

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Written about Saturday 2009-01-03
Written: (4167 days ago)

Hmm, most of my enteries hare a depresed... and here comes another one..

I feel so lost, I dont know who I am annymore...
I just wish I had someone to talk to.. But I can't bother people with my deprest tought's either... And my srink dussent seem to cear and I don't feel like she likes me at all...

I'm tired, I try to be perfect all the time, and it realy takes my energy and life joy away. I feel like crying, but my tears are just emty..

I dont know if I can bear this out... I can't see why all this is worth annything.

I envy those who grow up without problems, and enters the adulthood like a child shuld. Those who don't think twise about their happiness and live their life trough...

I wish I werent me...

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Written about Monday 2007-09-17
Written: (4640 days ago)

I've comed to the point were I don't care annymore, it's not like i want to die. but i dont care ab living, and I wish I newer were born, cus then I wuldent feel this pain, and I wuldent have to hurt others by dying..
I wish I never were born..

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Written about Wednesday 2007-08-15
Written: (4673 days ago)

I'm sick of beeng deprest, I can't even remember how it's to live with a true smile on my face.

And the worst part of it, is people telling me how sorry they are for me, and how much they understand..
It makes me sick, I don't want comfort, I want people around me to act normal, so I might have a chance to be to..

My greatest wish in the hole world, and something I culd sacrefase everything for, is one day without hating myself and smile a true smile..

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Written about Saturday 2004-12-25
Written: (5636 days ago)
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why is it always like this:?
evry time i got a bf, it's hided.. he dusent tell annybody or show annybod that we are together, end i've never getn anything from anny of my bf's, but right after he gets a new gf and shows her to evryone and gives her all she wants... am I so much less wourth then avryone elce? I know I'm not beautiful, but if they are dating me, why do dey? since it dusent mean annything to them after all..?

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Written about Saturday 2004-08-28
Written: (5756 days ago)
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It's 6 years since my grandpa' died, and I'm still crying about it, I miss him so badly, and and evrytime I'm thinking about him it like my life is faling together, and I'm dreaming to a place where I'm with all those that i miss..
It's ofen that i cry myself to sleep, cus that is the only way I can sleep... I hope someone out there understand how i got it...

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Written about Wednesday 2004-08-25
Written: (5759 days ago)

Well, i still cant deside what I shuld do. If i send him a mesage, he might belive that i like him, and that cant happend,
but i want to ceep being hes friend, it might be that he want be friend with me, I'm not that fun to bee with.
But it seams like he want to be my friend, he said that if annyone bother me ab being hes friend, he wuld take cear of it.
Bnd if i wanted to try something, he culd take cear of that to(I mean drugs and stuff, I dont think that i will try it).
and he is realy cool, and not mean like other people think, but he is a "bad guy", he use drugs and arent friends with the police, but if you are nice to him, he's nice to you..
so, what do you think i shuld do?

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Written about Tuesday 2004-08-24
Written: (5760 days ago)

I got this new friend of mine. he's realy nice, lol, he almoast became my bf ones, but that just dident happend, well, we was out for a tripp yester day, we sat on a bech and talked for houers!
ab evrything, what we likes, and the place we are living, cus you cant go arund on town with a girl/boy befour they think you are dating, and all this.
it was so nice to do that, but I dont know if I shuld send a mesage to him now, and say that i had a good time, maby he will think that I like him then, and that wuldent be right... well, I think I will figer out something..

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